Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Catching up with Haitian Fashion Designer David Andre..

Tell us a bit about your brand?
I created the David Andre collection 14 years ago in Haiti. I have 3 main lines, a men's line, a women's line and an unisex resort wear line "sea, sex, sun" since 2004. This line is made in cotton and linen fabrics for the warm summertime to be comfortable and at ease. The cuts are very simple with little details that make each piece different and unique. The colour chart is 80/100 white mix with a touch of colour depending of the season trends. We have two collections per year. Prices are very moderate. Our goal is to be distributed in some high end stores and department stores all around the world, and also to have a very faithful clientele.

Where are your main inspirations?
I am inspired by my environment, by music, colour. As I live and come from a tropical country for this line the inspiration come from the sun, the beautiful beaches that we have with palms trees, the blue sky, the spicy food, and the colours of the nature and the rhythms of the drums. 

Who are your favourite designers?
I fell in love at a young age with some French and Italian fashion icons like Mr Yves St Laurent for his eternal classic touch, Karl Lagerfeld / Chanel for the luxury and the avant garde touch, Jean Paul Gautier for his extravagancy, Gianni Versace for his outstanding creativity and Gucci for the luxury in every single piece they create.

What do you like the best about designing clothes?
I love the concept of a garment that I have in my mind to make it become a reality on a live model. The beauty of a final product after this process of designing, sourcing, patternmaking and sewing is priceless for me because it's a piece of art.

What are your favourite pieces in your collection and why?
I don't have any preferences, I just love each piece that I have created in this collection because they are from my soul and creativity

Who do you envisage wearing your designs?
My designs are for every man and women who love to be stylish, at ease even they are going to the beach, on a cruise, on vacation to some exotics places around the world.

If you could have any celebrity wear your line who would it be and why ?
I'd love to see Madonna the queen of pop to wear of my pieces on vacation on a yacht in St Tropez, Biarritz or Ibiza. The reason why it's because she has a good sense of style, a simple piece can be a statement and the public must have that product once she wears it to an event. That's why she's the queen of reinvention, no doubt about that.

How does it feel to be showcasing in London during the Olympics?
It's a good opportunity to showcase during the Olympics because the world has their eyes turned to the games. It's a great advertising for my line, for me as a designer, and also for my country Haiti. The world has to see that Haiti is about beautiful things, arts, music, paintings, besides the controversial pres. "Haiti represent"

Where can we find out more about your brand?

My line is available in my store in Haiti, in Guadeloupe, Martinique, and very soon in Jamaica. The website is still under construction, but I can be reach on my e-mail address, to request a pdf catalogue, price list, etc...... 

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