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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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Welcome to our end of year Newsletter. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and fantastic New Year! We also look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year.

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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London Fashion Week

We have been gearing up for London Fashion Week Feb 2011 which is only round the corner! How time fly’s by. We will be having another two day Catwalk showcase of our ‘A La Mode’ International LFW Catwalk. We have some fantastic brands set to showcase their A/W 11 show stopping designs who include Berit New York, Cristina Nitopi, MaJinJoo, Annah Stretton, RAJADANO, Rehmali, Alana Hale, Belinda Liu, BEVZA, Dima Ayad, Gloria WaveMunno and more. For further information Click here

Above pic: Models in Alana Hale

The event will take place at our luxurious venue of choice, The Charing Cross Hotel in Strand, just a few minutes walk from the official Somerset House on February 18-19 2011.

Limited public tickets have been released which are available via Please note once they are gone no further tickets will be allocated to members of the public so get your tickets early!

To view images of last Season’s London Fashion Week ‘A La Mode’ Catwalk click here


We are delighted to have sponsors Yelp and Itsocks return this season! Look out for their goodies at our 'A La Mode' London Fashion Week Show
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This season will see us host a private invitation only Catwalk show for highly acclaimed Welsh born designer Elliott J.Frieze ! The show is scheduled to take place on Saturday 19th February at 13.30. Elliott Frieze launched his first collection at London Fashion Week in February 2010 having Celebrity Amber Le Bon strutting down his Catwalk.

Above: Amber Le Bon in Elliot Frieze
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Thursday, 23 December 2010

5 Mins with designer Gloria Wavamunno...

We caught up with Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno who will be showcasing her stunning african inspired creations at the LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011...Read on to find out more about her new collection ...

Above pic: Gloria wearing one of her designs

1. Your African background seems to be one of your main inspirations when producing your collections, so to be showcasing at African Fashion Week in 2009 must have been an incredible honour. How was the whole experience?

Yes it is because it is a part of who i am, its feels natural. Showcasing at Africa Fashion Week 2009 was amazing, being a new fresh designer, that had only been in business for the past 6 months, for them to give me that oppurtunity and that exposure was just really humbeling and encouraging. They really took care of my work and allowed me to express it.

2. What is your ultimate goal as a designer?

My goal is to dress all kinds of women from all walks of life and race and culture. My clothes are for that individual woman, who is just that individual. I want the spirit of my designs to touch them.

3. What can we expect to see from Gloria Wavamunno in Feb's LFW show, 'A La Mode?'

Unique, evoking, fresh but respecting history clothing that is light but heavy.

4. Who would be your ideal celebrity to endorse your brand?

I love women that are just really free with themselves in their style, so Rihanna, Amber Rose, to Blake Lively.

5. Are you excited about coming to London and what do you think of London Fashion Week as a whole?

I am excited, think i will still be in shock/excitment till im watching my clothes go down the runway. I think London Fashion Week is just one of the Fashion Weeks I really adore for their belief in new designers and people in Artistry. It just has that vibe for anything goes and is appreciated. I love that!

Don't miss Gloria Wavamunno's London Fashion Week show.For more information visit

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Birthday Suits to Hit the Runway during London Fashion Week

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (December 2010); Louise Walleneit and her conceptual label Birthday Suits will be bringing experimental fashion to the forefront of London Fashion Week this season.

The innovative luxury label known for blurring the boundaries between research, art and fashion is set to cause quite a stir amongst British press keen to see Walleneit’s signature experimental silhouettes and approach to A/W 2011.

Walleneit’s background in the arts led to the launch of her label in 2008. The philosophy behind the brand states: ‘The ideas and products develop in a trans-disciplinary space between fashion, art and research. 3-dimensional statements are made based on periodic changing concepts. The progress of translation from the current state of a shape into another state is the design method to overcome borders between fashion, art and research.’

Birthday Suits Autumn/winter 2011 collection can be viewed at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand on Saturday 19 February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of season V “A La Mode” LFW showcase.

Image credit: photographer Gunter Binsack

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ugandan Designer to Grace the ‘A La Mode’ Runway during London Fashion Week

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (December 2010): Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno, is counting down the days to launch of her latest collection as part of London Fashion Week’s off-schedule programme.

Fresh from showcasing in Johannesburg for African Fashion Week in 2009, Wavamunno then went on to have her work featured on the prestigious African focused magazine Arise.

Creating stunning collections inspired by her heritage, Wavamunno confirms that London Fashion Week is so exciting and the support for new designers is phenomenal, ‘London Fashion Week has a vibe whereby anything goes.’

Gloria Wavamunno’s Autumn/winter 2011 collection can be viewed at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand on Saturday 19 February 2011 from 7.30pm, as part of season V “A La Mode”.

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact


Friday, 17 December 2010

Catching up with Award Winning Romanian designer Belinda Lui...

We caught up with Award Winning Romanian-based designer Belinda Liu who will be returning to the LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011...Read on to find out more about her new collection from her self-titled label ' Belinda Liu' and what she thought of London...

You showcased for the first time in London last season, can you tell us a bit more about that experience?

I am thankful for the London experience. First of all, I have noticed how important it is to showcase in a foreign country. Fashion is supposed to have little barriers and be the same everywhere, but still every location has its own specifics. And then it was not just any foreign place, it was London which to me is the cradle of peachiness in fashion. There are a lot o professionals around the world but there aren't many professionals that manage to be that cool at the same time. I have witnessed this with regards to London organizers, press, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers etc. This attitude of people around makes one feel more relaxed and confident. This was important to me.

What are some of your favourite things about London?

A lot of energy is wasted in the world in conflicts about race, sex, religion. Social pressure on these topics is huge in jurisdictions I have been to and lived in. I was a Chinese in Romanian and a Romanian in China. In crucial moments modern people prove to be narrow minded, rigid and absurd. Pick a simple topic like the role of women in family and society in a conversation in a European capital and you'd be horrified. But London must be the world promoter of tolerance. So many races living together, working together and interacting like this was the normal way. You may take that for granted if you live in London but coming from outside it is a special feeling of normality for me. People probably only start to judge you if you are out on the street and not hip enough. I like watching people on the street. It is a good feeling to be there. I also love people in London being so open about sports and art, particularly music.

Tell us a bit about your new collection:

This collection is very imposing: long , sexy dresses with even longer trails, lace and transparent materials. I tend to call this collection dark, because I mainly use black, and the woman wearing one of those dresses is sumptuous and luxurious. An appearance that becomes the centre of focus whenever and wherever she wears the dress. The transparency and luscious look causes a solid visual impact to the viewer.

You have just launched your bridal collection and lingerie line. Can you tell us a bit more about that and what inspired to launch them?

I needed to do something pure and glamorous. The collection reflected the mood I had when I started it. I also felt the need to react against an increasing trend of people treating marriage superficially. This time I somehow needed to show a more conservative approach to it. This is why I used ivory white and a lot of embroidery, trails, crinolines, silk, satin, tule. I had a man dressed up as a bride. This was my way to fight against bluntness in Romania with regards to homosexuality. Social pressure is so high that gay people are still afraid to admit their sexual orientation even to their families, not to mention peers etc. Fashion is such a powerful instrument... and I am not afraid to use it! Also it seems that this collection was a lucky one. The night I showcased I also received the award for the best young Romanian fashion designer in year 2010.

What future plans do you have for the label?

I would like the Belinda Liu label to expand internationally. I intend to travel and showcase more abroad in the near future.

Don't miss Belinda Liu’s return to London during London Fashion Week. For more information visit /

Dubai-Based Luxury Womenswear Designer to Grace LFW

Immediate Release :-

London, UK ; Dima Ayad will make her London Fashion Week debut in February at the elegant Charing Cross Hotel , Strand as part of LGN Events “A La Mode” show for independent emerging designers.

Incorporating draping and the use of exquisite fabrics to create evening dresses, glamorous tops and feminine-cut jackets, Dima Ayad’s fashion label hails women’s bodies and champions all shapes, sizes and body types. The Lebanese born designer has a background in hospitality and marketing, working in five star hotels, which has set the stage for a plethora of influences for her distinctive evening wear. Couple the glamour of Dubai’s social scene with her experience in the high flying hotel industry and you have a designer with unprecedented insight into just what it takes to feel and look good.

The designer describes her designs as “a fusion of simple, clean lines and quirky, elegant touches, making women feel beautiful and uninhibited at all times” and this has not gone unnoticed by worldwide media. Dima Ayad has received coverage from Arab World Elle, Grazia, OK, Red and Arabian Harper’s Bazaar.

Don’t miss the LFW debut of this label which is sure to empower women everywhere. Dima Ayad will present her latest designs to champion the female form on Saturday 19th February 2011 as part of LGN Events off-schedule London Fashion Week show – “A La Mode”

Press and buyers wishing to attend the show should contact


Monday, 13 December 2010

5 Mins with New York based designer Britney Frady-Williams ...

We caught up with Futuristic New York-based designer Britney Frady-Williams who will be returning to the LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011...Read on to find out more about her new collection from her label 'Berit New York' and what she thought of London...
You showcased for the first time in London last season, can you tell us a bit more about that experience?

It was a very surreal experience, getting to see my work go down the runway. It was kind of intimidating, as well, but I learned so much just from being there. It was definitely a milestone for Berít New York.

What are some of your favourite things about London?

Everything, haha! The stores, the culture, the history, the buildings – people knowing things like basic courtesy and etiquette! London is my second home. Every time I leave, I can’t wait to get back.

Tell us a bit about your new collection:

I am very excited about it because I am debuting a new menswear line, which is based on combination of medieval, samurai and fantasy styles. The theme for my womenwears collection is medieval fairies meeting Japanese “Mori Girls.” I’ve really been inspired by Mori Girl style lately, and wanted to include it as a prominent feature in the collection. For both men and women, you will be seeing lots of hooded cloaks, capes and full, flowing garments. The colors will be somewhat subdued for autumn, but still shiny and vivid.

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

To me, it’s about being able to provide quality clothing that connects my vision to the customer. I want it to be unique, and I want it to make a statement to the world.

Whose wardrobe would you like to own for a day?

That is a tough one! There are lots of wardrobes I’d love to dive into, but ultimately I would have to say Tarja Turunen the ex singer from Nightwish. I have admired her style since I was a teen, and I think it is similar to my own.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Well, from my mom, really; she just always said to follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.

What has been the greatest challenge so far?

So far it has come from seeing critical and artistic success and knowing that my work has been and would be accepted in many circles, but then still struggling with the financial aspect. The whole starving artist lifestyle gets old eventually.

What future plans do you have for the label?

I would like to see Berít New York expand into two separate lines each season for menswear and womenswear, as well as getting my designs into more stores by the end of 2011. There are some plans in development for some new textiles and elements that I want to incorporate into my designs, too, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself.

Don't miss Berit New York's return to London during London Fashion Week. For more information visit /

Saturday, 11 December 2010

5 Mins with LA Designer Alana Hale...

We caught up with edgy LA-based designer Alana Hale who will be taking to the stage at LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011...Read on to find out more

Where do you get most of your inspiration?

Being a creative person I am constantly inspired. It would be a lie for me to give you an easy, straightforward answer on this. What has most inspired me up to this point is old Hollywood icons, renaissance art, wardrobes of European royalty throughout history and old world architecture. That’s just naming a few- the list grows everyday. My inspiration is constantly evolving and that’s what keeps the looks fresh.

What prompted you to start your own fashion label?

I’ve wanted to have my own fashion label since elementary school when I learned what it was. I would play dress up, put together outfits, and noticed every little detail of the other outfits around me. And when one of my mom’s friends, who was an amazing seamstress, offered to make me whatever I wanted to play dress up in, well that was the birth of my life of design. I designed fur and sequin cocktail dresses, tulle ball gowns and wild hats- not knowing I’d one day rework those very outfits for a runway show.

After design school I worked as an assistant designer for about a year and a half and when I felt I had learned all I needed to, I branched out on my own. I certainly hadn’t learned as much as I thought I had but I wouldn’t change a thing. Having my own fashion label is all that makes sense… I can’t see myself doing any different.

Describe the woman you are designing for? (What does she do? Where does she live? Etc)

The Alana Hale woman is fun, vivacious, sensual, fashion-forward, and confident in a way she doesn’t dress for anyone else but herself. These clothes are for innovators and most certainly no girl who wants to blend into the crowd.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?

Blake Lively would be the perfect poster-child for Alana Hale. She is the Alana Hale woman: She’s America’s fashion-forward sweetheart with such magnetism that everything she puts on turns to gold. I think Carey Mulligan and Alexa Chung have incredible style and would love to dress them.

And among the “Dream Team” would be Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo, and Daphne Guinness. They are on my all-time-best-dressed list because every outfit is impeccable and you can really tell they love fashion.

What has been the high point of your fashion career so far?

The highlights of my career so far have been when Paula Abdul wore a look from my Holiday Collection on the season finale of American Idol and when Rachel Zoe reportedly said she “loved my collection.” The American Idol finale was immeasurable exposure and for a brand-new designer a huge honour. Rachel Zoe is a huge force in the industry; she has such influence and style. I hold her opinion in the highest regard.

Where do you see your designs in 5 years’ time?

What I see evolving within the next 5 years is the connection with my customer, to establish a bond and loyalty. I want my customers to know me and for me to know my customers. In 5 years time I also see the label’s recognition going up significantly, and to eventually be a household name. And lastly, I see the line going global. Within the next 5 years I want my collection to be available to the Alana Hale woman of the US, UK, France, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong.

What advice would you give to other aspiring independent designers?

No matter what critics say, stay true to who you are as a designer. An idea that has earned you criticism, can one day be the very thing you become famous for. I am a very strong believer in staying true to my vision. Conforming is the kiss of death.

For more info Visit:

Friday, 10 December 2010

New Zealand Designer and Author to Debut at London Fashion Week

Immediate Release:-

London, UK (December 2010); 2009 New Zealand Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year, Annah Stretton, will be showcasing her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection on the catwalk during this season’s London Fashion Week.

Having showcased at Air New Zealand Fashion Week since 2002 and at the last four Australian Fashion Weeks, Stretton is consistently re-inventing herself and bringing fresh and stunning feminine looks to the runway; something which is sure to attract the attention of the British press this February.

Annah’s achievements in philanthropy and fashion are exceptional; in 2008, she was awarded the honour of becoming a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Fashion, Business and the Community.
In 2009, Annah, who has also just released her second book published by Random House, Wise Heart, was also invited to serve as an advisory board member for New Zealand Global Women; a network of recognised and accomplished senior female leaders from a wide range of national and international disciplines and industries.

Annah Stretton’s autumn/winter 2011 collection can be viewed at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand on Friday 18th February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of the eagerly anticipated “A La Mode”. Don’t miss these fabulous creations this season! Stretton is sure to be a name on the lips of many this fashion week!

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact


Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 Mins with Australian Designer Cristina Nitopi...

We caught up with Luxury Australian based designer Cristina Nitopi on her inspirations and leaving her psychology career behind to pursue Fashion...

Above pic: Model wears one of Cristina's creations during Hong Kong Fashion Week 2010

* You originally had a career in psychology, what made you leave this career path and turn to fashion?

* Since I was in high school I always wanted to become a psychologist but what you wish for at school and what you see in the real world do not always match and that is what happened to me. I studied psychology for so many years and it was not until I started working in this area did I notice psychology was not for me. I noticed that text books and having a university degree does not always make a person it is something the world teaches people. I turned to spirituality and meditation for direction and I noticed I had alot of creative energy I trusted in the images I saw and this has helped me with designing.

* How did you break into the fashion industry and was it an easy transition?

* I always wanted to travel to New York but I was not much of a traveller. So I thought of having my first fashion show in New York. Of course not knowing what I was going up against I searched for Usa Fashion Shows and Couture Fashion Week appeared to me first. I informed the producer I was a new fashion designer from Sydney Australia and I wanted to expand my brand overseas. I told him I always wanted to visit New York and having my first fashion show in New York would be a dream come true. I presented my first collection to the producer Andres Aquino and he noticed I had potential and offered me an opportunity to have my first fashion show in New York and since then my career expanded and made the transition easy.

* You were born and raised in Sydney Australia, but your family originate from Sicily. Which would you say has had the greater impact on your designs and why?

* My Sicilian background has made a huge impact on my fashion career and designs just being Italian says it all. Most of the high quality fabrics are produced in Europe and I suppose my style is very european naturally and I combine. People always refer me to as the sicilian designer from australia.

* What has been the greatest influence when it comes to designing your pieces for this season?

* Meditation always inpsires me when I prepare for a new collection. Actually meditation is the only source I turn to for inspiration for all my collections.

* How would you describe your pieces for this seasons collection?

* I would describe this new collection as fun, wild and conservative

* What’s your favourite piece in your collection and why?

* I never have a favourite piece. So much of my energy goes into designing new collections I can never choose a favoiurite piece they are all equal to me.

* What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

* I have to say the most memorable moments of my career so far was when I had the menswear shows in New York

* What do you hope to achieve in the coming years as a designer?

* I hope I will always have the creative energy to create new collections and I am hoping to open more stores around the world.

Don't miss Cristina Nitopi's London fashion Week debut show in Feb 2011.

For more information visit /

Image credit:

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Top 10 Ukrainian Designer BEVZA to Debut This London Fasion Week

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (December 2010); Svetlana Bevza, the mastermind behind the Ukrainian womenswear label BEVZA, will head to London this February to show us exactly what women want from a runway show.

Famed in the Ukraine for her LWD, a BEVZA staple, the label encompasses the notions of minimalism, modern sleek silhouettes and effortless chic.

This lux label is no stranger to the catwalk and has showcased at Ukrainian Fashion Week since 2006. Having also showcased numerous times in Russia, Svetlana is now set to take her label to London where she is sure to attract the eyes and glare of the British press.

BEVZA’s autumn/winter 2011 collection will be exhibited at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand on Saturday 19th February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of the eagerly anticipated “A La Mode” London Fashion Week catwalk show.

Press and buyers wishing to attend BEVZA's Catwalk Presentation should contact Sarah at


Style of the day!!!!!!!!!

Our style of the day has to go out to this lovely ensemble worn by stylist and Vintage shop owner Savannah Marie Aaron.

Below she wears a super gorgeous vintage 80s VALENTINO mini BILLOWY tent dress. PUFF SLEEVE. super soft cotton. soft ribbon details.

Visit her shop at:

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hollywood Glamour Hits London Fashion Week

Immediate Release

London, UK (November 2010); Edgy LA-based designer Alana Hale will be taking to the stage at LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Alana Hale has fantasized about becoming a designer since a very young age. Marketing a line of clutch bags by the age of 9 and working for the family glove business at 15, she has always been surrounded by fashion. Following this she attended FIDM in Los Angeles and studied abroad in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, before returning home to work as an assistant designer for an LA-based contemporary womenswear company.

Alana started designing under her own label two years ago and recently launched her signature collection at her Holiday 2010 Fashion Show in Los Angeles. Having dressed Paula Abdul for the American Idol Season Finale in 2010, Alana's collection has quickly become a favourite with celebrities and stylists alike. She is currently developing a jewellery line with ice-skating and fashion extraordinaire, Johnny Weir and is credited with "spot on creations that leave you salivating for more!"

Incorporating feathers, netting and leather and using classic on-trend colour palettes, Alana’s work evokes the edgy glamour Tinsel Town is known for.
Alana Hale can be seen at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand on Saturday 19th February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of the eagerly anticipated “A La Mode”. Don’t miss this glamorous addition to London Fashion Week!

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact

Monday, 6 December 2010

Luxury Australian Designer Cristina Nitopi to Make LFW Debut

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (November 2010); Luxury Australian designer Cristina Nitopi will unveil her new A/W 11 collection during London Fashion Week at the lavish Charing Cross Hotel on February 18th 2011. This will mark Nitopi’s first show in London and support her expansion plans of introducing the brand into the European market.

Inspiration for Nitopi’s collections surface from her Sicilian heritage and being raised in a family fascinated by the world of fashion, giving her designs that unique edge. Her mother being a talented designer/dress maker inspired Cristina to eventually leave her psychology career and focus her energies on conquering the world of fashion.

Having recently successfully shown at Hong Kong Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week in New York , Nitopi expressed “For this show I want to expand and cross my comfortable boundaries!”.

Not comprising on quality, Nitopi uses only the finest high-quality European fabrics and colours, with soft silk underlining.

Attracting press and fashion industry alike, Cristina Nitopi will be presenting her luxurious show stopping designs at the “A La Mode” Catwalk show hosted by LGN Events on the first day of one of fashions most anticipated events: London Fashion Week.

For more information on Cristina Nitopi visit

Press and buyers wishing to attend Cristina Nitopi’s Catwalk presentation should contact


UsTrendy Show Their Support for Emerging Designers and Return To London Fashion Week

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (November 2010); UsTrendy, the website for budding designers, has shown its commitment to supporting emerging fashion talent once again. The brands founder, Sam Sisakhti who launched the business ‘to democratize fashion, so that you help decide what designs are produced and promoted each season,’ will provide one designer with the opportunity to showcase at this season’s ‘A La Mode’ London Fashion Week showcase organised by La Geneve North Events.

UsTrendy and La Geneve North Events last worked together in Feb 2010 and saw Canadian based designer Dilly Daisy launched into the London limelight as she showcased alongside other international designers.

UsTrendy have yet to confirm the name of the winning designer who will participate in an all expenses trip to London this season, but if you want to purchase something unique and have your say on who should win the chance to show their latest collection on the London runway, check out the following link:

UsTrendy’s winning designer will be showcasing their autumn/winter 2011 collection at the Charing Cross Hotel, The Strand on Friday 18th February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of the eagerly anticipated “A La Mode”. Keep your eyes peeled – the designer will be announced shortly!

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact



Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Debenham’s Press Day: A personal Account by our Claudia :)

Our assistant Claudia Vendetti headed down to the Debenham's press day today and has shared with us her views below...Enjoy!

The Debenham’s Press day was not at all what I was anticipating as it unleashed a number of quite unexpected and very pleasant surprises. Collaborating with top designers such as Matthew Williamson, John Rocha and Jasper Conran, Debenhams exhibited a whole new look which was young, modern and fresh for the coming new year. The target audience of Debenhams seems to have expanded to include the younger generation, and the clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery have all undergone a complete transformation to meet this new, younger and more fashion conscious market. The high street department store has successfully re-produced a number of trends and designs from the catwalks at much more affordable prices. Every rail was bursting at the seams with beautifully designed floral prints, elegant, feminine cuts and dazzling colours.

My favourite piece was the butterfly print maxi-dress by Matthew Williamson, at a very affordable £80. This piece, for me, encapsulates perfectly what the trends for spring/summer 2011 are all about: elegance, colour and femininity. Another favourite has to be the camel-coloured cape by John Rocha, for only £85. For me, when deciding what to wear in the morning fashion always comes before practicality, which often leaves me facing the brutal British weather in little more than a dress, tights and a light jacket which is not at all waterproof. This cape, however, combines fashion and practicality perfectly, making it the ideal spring coat. The Henry Holland daisy print dress (£25), ideal for a festivals when put together with a pair of boots or wellies, is another piece I’ll definitely be adding to my spring/summer wardrobe next year. This piece, for me, symbolises perfectly the new look Debehams is taking on this coming season, embracing fun patterns and strong, vibrant spring colours.

Above pic: The Matthew Williamson Butterfly dress

The accessories presented at the Press Day were also very striking and not at all what I would expect to find at Debenhams, covering a vast range of designs and colours by designers such as Julien MacDonald and Henry Holland with prices ranging from £6-15.

The Press Day revealed a whole new image to Debenhams. It’s collections for spring/summer 2011 are more dynamic, more innovative and significantly more up to date and in keeping with the latest trends. Whereas before Debenhams might not have been my first port of call when out shopping for a new wardrobe, after visiting it’s Press Day, however, I will definitely be paying a visit when hunting for a new outfit.

To find out more information on Debenhams please visit:

Monday, 29 November 2010

Berit New York to Return to London Fashion Week

Immediate Release : -
London, UK (November 2010); Fashion Institute of Technology and Design graduate Britney Frady-Williams will return to London Fashion Week after the success of last season's show, to showcase her new A/W 11 collection from her label 'Berit New York' . The Catwalk presentation, hosted by LGN Events, will take place at the luxurious Charing Cross Hotel on Friday 18th February 2011.

Launched in 2007, the Berit New York label is aimed at individuals who dress with a vintage aesthetic and like to stand out and express themselves. “I always like to add a bit of futurism to my pieces; this is more or less my design signature" designer Britney explains. "Most of my clothing has an edge to it, but there’s also a touch of class and elegance."

Last season saw the New York based designer make her London Fashion Week debut, which was well received with rave reviews and praise for her unique use of contrasting metallics and historical influences with a futuristic twist.

New York Fashion Journalist Courtney Iseman described Berit New York as “…futuristic, funky, fierce and edgy - everything you've been wearing in your action star fantasies, only now realized for real life.”

Her work has been featured in several major magazines including Supermodels Unlimited, Bust magazine, Italian Marie Claire, The New York Times, Time Out New York, Hue: the Alumni Magazine of FIT as well as other national and international press. Her work has also been filmed for music videos and international documentaries on sub-cultural fashion.

Attracting press and fashion industry alike, Britney will yet again be presenting her intricate yet fascinating designs at the “A La Mode” show from 7.30pm on the first day of London Fashion Week.

Press and buyers wishing to attend the show should email
For more information on Berit New York visit

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Romanian Designer Belinda Liu Returns to London Fashion Week with Her Classic Feminine Designs

Immediate Release :-

London, UK (November 2010); Self-taught Romanian designer Belinda Liu will return to London Fashion Week to present her new A/W 11 collection in February 2011 at the luxurious Charing Cross Hotel.
Having studied music, art and foreign languages, Liu, born in Romania to a Chinese father and Romanian mother, first realised her love for fashion design whilst studying in China. Her new-found passion of sketching endless designs prompted her to launch her self-titled label ‘Belinda Liu’ in 2009.

Liu has since successfully shown at Bucharest Fashion Week and most recently in London at the 'A La Mode' International London Fashion Week Show.

Last season saw Liu present her Spring/Summer 11 collection entitled "La Marquise de Sade". Based around the concept of a modern Marie Antoinette and shown to a packed house of industry professionals, Liu expressed "Showcasing in London opened the doors to some important projects in Romania and was also a good step towards global recognition for the label."

December 2010 will see Liu present her first Bridal collection in Bucharest consisting of beautiful handmade embroidery detailing and complementing lingerie. Fabrics used throughout her collections include satin, lace, organdy and silk.

LGN Events director Yolande expressed "We are extremely happy and excited about Belinda's new collection and return to London Fashion Week. Last season she produced a strong show stopping collection which was well received here in London, generating a lot of interest in her label."

Attracting fashion press and buyers alike, Belinda will be presenting her ultra-feminine yet daring designs at the “A La Mode” show hosted by LGN Events on Saturday 19th February 2011.

For more information on Belinda Liu visit

Press and buyers wishing to attend the show should email

Friday, 1 October 2010

Our London Fashion Week Pictures

London Fashion Week came and went in a blink of an eye!
Below are some of our Fashion Week highlights and moments in images (snapped by our team :)- ) with short and sweet captions!

Enjoy and see you next Fashion Week

The LGN North Team xx

Above pic: Our official London Fashion Week show guide cover distributed throughout Fashion Week

Above: One to watch - sensational soul singer Yetunde Johnson keeping it red hot! Check out her music at

Above pic: Designer Zi of Zed Eye ( with PR guru and River Island PR manager Arieta Mujay ( ) at our 'A La Mode' Catwalk Show.

Above: Sensational Bollywood actress and singer Sofia Hayat opening the Lida O'reilly show ( ) in a stunning Lida O'Reilly gown!

Above pic: Trainers by the bar? hmm only Rev Run of RUN DMC can get away with this :)

Above pic: Fashion Week Superstars! - British singer and actress Paloma Faith with Singer Shingai Shonia from the Noisettes patiently waiting in front row srike a lovely pose for us :)

Above pic: Designer Zi of Zed Eye with A-List Actress Genevieve Nnaji who was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show a our Fashion Week show

Above pic: We fell in love with these gorgeous sparkly's

Above pic: Our 'A La Mode' day 2 designer 'Omar Mansoor ( )being interviewed by TMTV backstage

Above Pic: Flavour magazine Journalist Mary Bello ( ) with the Iconic British Menswear designer Ozwald Boateng ( ) at the Rev Run Fashion Week Party.

Above pic: Our Fashion Director Yolande with British Fashion Designer and Author Samata Angel ( ). Here Samata is wearing a fabulous dress by designer Nico D.

Above pic: Our amazing 'A La Mode' show goody bags ready to go to a good home :)

Above Pic: Our very own team member Sarah looking oh so gorge at the 'A La Mode' show!

Above pic: Mark Ronson spinning some amazing tracks at the Rev Run Pary :) We certainly did dance the night away until our feet said no more!

Above pic: Designer Kanwal of KHM Couture being interviewed by 360 TV at our 'A La Mode' show .

Above pic: Models backstage at our 'A La Mode' show day 2 strike a pose

Above pic: Our Fashion Director Yolande strikes a pose with Noisettes lead singer Shingai Shoniwa!

Above pic: Celebrity Presenter and stylist Julian Bennett (centre) with our Choreographer and Artistic director Latifah Jolie and a model at our Lida O'Reilly London Fashion Week show.

Above: Designer Jonathan Liang with models at our Jalouse LFW Closing show.

Above pic Model backstage at 'A La Mode' getting their hair done.

Above pic: UK RnB sensation Jamelia looking fabulous and striking a quick pose

Above: Our very own assistant Farhana with Top blogger Susie Lau ( aka Susie Bubble) who shared with us that se was in fact wearing her boyfriends jumper- check her out at

Above pic: Amber Rose front row at Basso and Brooke

Above pic: Book Moda Executive Fiorella Bellagotti strikes a pose for us :)

Above pic: Our fabulous head make-up artist Anna backstage at 'A la Mode'.

Above pic: Amber Rose strikes a pose at the Rev Run party

Above pic: The stunning Amato Couture models backstage all wearing Amato Couture

Above pic: Designer Amato Couture at 'A La Mode'

Above pic: Our Fashion Director Yolande with British designer Henry Holland

Above pic: The Lady behind the Fashion Label 'Bolshie' with a friend.

Above pic: The Matthew William dices :)

Above Pic: Guests at our 'A La Mode' Day 2 show

Above Pic: TMUK and TMTV's Ceo Geoff Cox with TMUK models.
Above pic: Some of th team here strike a pose with Channel 5 weather girl Sian Welby who hosted our LFW Closing show at Jalouse :)