Wednesday, 30 June 2010

5 mins with designer Victoria Rangayah of new label Z-Mode…

1. What inspired you to enter the fashion world?
My mother's old clothes was my first point of inspiration to become a fashion designer. After cutting up few of her dresses and later on few of my husband's shirts I have decided that It’s time to study fashion.

2. What inspires your designs and how do you acquire your creative edge?
I absolutely love men's suiting fabrics, I get so excited walking in the menswear section in department stores and try to imagine how these fabrics would work in my designs. I love mixing different textures and shapes, and very often for my inspiration I turn back to Africa. This culture rich continent is perfect ‘food’ for my creative mind!

3. Has your experience in the fashion industry matched your perception of the fashion world?
I am still a newcomer to the fashion industry and I believe I still have a lot to learn, but I must say I didn't expect it to be easy so I’m ready for a challenge!

4. You have a wealth of fashion experiences behind you and from these experiences what advice would you give to other rising fashion designers?
The only advice I could ever give to anyone is - be proactive! If you want to achieve something - go and get it! Don’t be scared to be rejected, there is a door for you that's waiting to be opened - just keep knocking!

5. What makes your designs different yet appealing to your target market/buyer?Who is the z-mode customer?
My designs are edgy but yet not over designed and quite commercial. The sharp lines mixed with flowing silhouettes, hint of tailoring, these are the z-mode style staples.
z-mode clothes are targeted to over 25 years old customers, however we do have styles that can be suitable to younger girls too. Strong minded, confident, sophisticated - those are the characteristics of z-mode customer.

6. If you had just one word to describe fashion what would it be?

Don’t Miss Z-Mode’s show which will be taking place on Friday 17th September 2010 during London Fashion Week at the Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel.
Press and buyers interested in attending need to email

Limited public tickets are available at

Something Creative for the Weekend…

me me me is having open studios this weekend!
There's going to be jewellery, tableware, vases, decorative objects, new stuff, one offs and pieces not available elsewhere, all at super discounted prices!

Saturday 3rd July - Sunday 4th July
12pm - 6pm

Studio 74, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews road, London E8 4QN (off Broadway Market)

For more information visit

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Street Trend of the Day!!!

Festive Spirits! :- spotted by Lauren Briggs

Danielle wears - White fringe Top: New Look, Denim shorts: Vintage, Boots: All Saints, Scarf: H&M, Bag: Topshop, Headband: Vintage

5 Mins with Emerging Designer Leeanne Garrett...

We Quickly caught up with emerging designer Leeanne Garrett who recently showcased at Brighton Fashion Week and our Movida Summer Soiree Catwalk Show...Read on

Above pic: Designer Leeanne Garrett (middle) with Models at the Movida LGN Summer Soiree

What inspired you to want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

I studied Textiles at school and have always been very creative and enjoyed customising clothes, shoes, bags and even light bulbs anything that I could paint I would. I have always enjoyed sketching clothing and designs and have a strong idea in my own mind of what I like so that is what has inspired me to make garments that I would like to see and wear. And the achievement of seeing a design go from being just an idea to reality is a real sense of achievement and great satisfaction.

What is your main source of inspiration when designing?

Anything deep and meaningful to myself. My last collection was very deep emotionally and was taken from childhood memories to adulthood and the emotional struggles throughout my life. I like to look within myself for inspiration and make a collection that is meaningful to me. For me I use the collection to express myself such as an artist would through their work. My collections are emotional expressions of art to me.

Tell us a bit about your current collection?

My current collection FAIRYTALE EMOTIONS, is a collection based on emotional struggles and repressing emotions and creating emotional barriers of protection around the inner self. I was inspired by my love of Disney classics such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. As a child I would repeatedly watch Disney fairy-tales and I had a very vivid imagination and daydreamed that life would evolve as the fairy-tales did. As in life real life is far from a fairytale and over the years I have sought comfort and guidance from Tarot cards that also greatly inspired and influenced me when designing this collection. The collection is built up of panels and barriers with a softer side throughout the collection. The panels and high collars are repressing emotions and throughout the collection the emotional barriers are being broken down using soft hand sewn fabric manipulation reflecting the vulnerable emotional feelings under the protective barriers.

How was the response like to your collection in London after the Movida showcase?

I have had a great response since the Movida show and with several contacts that have requested to work with me on projects. Movida was an amazing venue and has greatly helped to promote my collection to press and buyers. I was really pleased with the response that I received after the Movida show.

You recently showcased at Brighton Fashion Week. Tell us a bit more about that experience?

Brighton fashion week was an amazing experience. It was my second show since my graduation show a few weeks previously so I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. The show was a great success and gave me the chance to really show off my collection and to network with models and industry contacts. I thoroughly enjoyed Brighton fashion week and I will definitely be showing there again next year.

What would you consider to be the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, advertising?

I think the most difficult aspect is production and finance. I have just left uni and I am new to the industry so I am still finding my feet so to speak. I have had a lot of interest in my collection but to reproduce the collection on a larger scale I need to put my collection into a factory to be reproduced. I am currently enrolled on several business courses to help me with the launching of my own label.

Which other fashion designers do you admire?

I love Viktor and Rolf I just think their collections are AMAZING, they are are just unique and inspiring and just create the most crazy collections that still manage to be wearable and beautiful as well as being just crazy. I also really love J.C Castlebajac his pop art designs really cheer me up and I think his collections are really fun and playful. John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen also greatly inspire me. I love anything daring and different to the norm. All of these designers show clear expression and passion within their collections.

What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 5 years from now?

To have my own successful label and to be showing my collections at LONDON, MILAN AND PARIS Fashion Week. You can only but try and I intend to work hard and try my best to succeed in this industry. It's going to be hard work but I am determined and strong willed so I will keep going until I achieve my dreams and goals.

To learn more about Leeanne Garrett visit

Monday, 28 June 2010

UNTOLD at Clothes Show Live London

Yesterday we headed down to the Clothes Show Live London event to have a sneak peak at the emerging labels exhibiting at the UNTOLD Boutique section. Designers exhibiting their creations included Bianou by Bibish Mbemba, Shoes by Dionne Gooding, Maame Baryeh London, Anya Wilkinson, N’Damus and more!

Below: Jewellery by Bianou

Untold supports emerging designers and enables them to showcase their work at London Fashion Week and other events in the course of the year. Untold ensures that designers are seen, heard and understood to make their vision a reality.

Above pic: A design by Anya Wilkinson

Exhibiting her ‘Tribal Romance’ collection was high end designer Zi of Zed Eye ( ) . This designer is certainly one to watch having impressed Henry Holland who stopped by her boutique style stand and British Fashion expert and presenter Caryn Franklin.

Zed Eye designer Zi with Henry Holland
Above Pic: Arieta (Zed Eye Pr Manager) rocking the Zed Eye Tribal Romance Jacket

Zed-Eye's contemporary designs have graced the covers of numerous International magazines and have been worn by the likes of celebrities who include Naomi Campbell and Tasmin Egerton. Her pieces will be available to purchase online via as of next month.

Above pic: Zed Eye PA Bumi with Caryn Franklin
ABove pic: Girl wears dress from Zed Eye

For more information visit:

Street Trend of the Day!!!

Spotted by Lauren Briggs

Louise wears - Black Maxi Dress: New Look, Denim Jacket: Gap, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace: Primark

Friday, 25 June 2010


Here, the self-confessed workaholic whose perfect day involves 'quality time spent working', shares his thoughts and tales on fashion.

Q. How would you describe your designs? Your styles?

A.It's a piece of conversation. The designs are strong, flamboyant, full of life and energy. My styles for my couture and prêt couture are derived from movies, books and theatre.

Q. Describe the creative process.

A. Impulse, draw, create.
Designs evolve through stages. On paper to final designs differ as creations and collaboration to final fittings take shape as it evolves. It takes an estimated 3-5 months to complete a collection.
Q. Who is your muse?

A. It varies for all my collections.
My current is the Countess Elizabeth Bathory from the movie,"Countess",
17th century couture and the mystery surrounding the era. My previous muse was
Marie Antoinette. The collection was named The Dream of Heaven.

Q. Describe the Amato woman.

A. Strong, independent, not afraid to dictate what she wants, experiment with her
styles. Her perfume : Stella and Agent Provocateur Her lifestyle : goes to the opera, an art lover

Q. Which celebrity/supermodel would you like to wear your clothes? And why?

A. I would love to dress Cate Blancett. She has a strong personality; she's not afraid to explore and dictate her sense of fashion.

Q. Who are the fashion designers you admire and emulate? Why?

A. I love designers who have their own distinctive style and signature. John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen come to mind. I'm also an avid fan of Tim Burton movies.

Q. You work with lots of embellishments and textures like handpainting, embroidery, fabric flowers, crystals and moonstones. What excites you about them?

A. I love the fabrication and the textures of these embellishments. I can create collages for my designs with them.

Q. What are your future plans for your brand?

A. Expand to prêt-a-porter and diffusion lines, perhaps.

Q. What would be the pinnacle of your career and creativity?

A. World domination? (he laughs) To inspire creativity in the fashion world, to
stay true to what I love. To be known as an artist in his own right? Truly believe in keeping the 'hunger' for fashion alive.

Q. How would you like to be remembered in the realm of fashion?

A. A designer with a lot of drama! (puts his arm on his forehead, diva style!)

Don’t Miss Amato Couture’s show which will be taking place on Friday 17th September 2010 during London Fashion Week at the Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel. Visit

Press and buyers interested in attending need to email

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Catching up with Project Catwalk designer Tom Lipop on his new Label Lipop London!

What inspired you to enter the fashion world?

Ive always been into designing and sketching and love architecture, I came across CP company and Stone Island whilst working in a little boutique in Brighton when I was 15 and loved everything about it, The detailing, the functionality and overall aesthetic, It was this that convinced me I wanted to go into Fashion and design a kind of architecture for the body!!

You were featured on Sky One's Project Catwalk. Tell us a bit more about this whole experience?

This was a mad experience, from start to finish, it went so quickly. One minute I was being interviewed on the phone after being contacted from graduate fashion week, the next we were being phyche tested and then I was buddled into this £9 million house in Lancaster Gate with all my belongings in one lonely suitcase. The experience was absolutely manic but the best of my life. I met some great friends and had a very drunken old, stress orientated, time. we literally partied every night in the house courtesy of sky - (Thanks) followed by a 6am start and a hefty hangover!! Barocca got me through!! It was literally what it said on the tin, 12 mentalists, myself (hehe), a silly deadline, not many tools and making garments in a matter of hours. Madness, but I thrived on the pressure. Wish I had defended myself a little more and not been so complacent, maybe I would have made it to the final!!

What inspires your designs and what makes the 'Lipop London' brand unique?

We like to say that were modernising classics. I love a simpler looking garment not too overworked but with a really technical cut and a great aesthetic. Technical fabrics inspire me immensley with the new technologies as well as things like your everyday food blender. I love it when you have the basic function, but you can add an adapter here and remove a part there and you have a new function. Something similar to what CP company did in the 90's with the transparent coat that changed into an inflatable chair.

Which other designers do you admire?

I will always admire and appreciate the work of the late Massimo Osti. His position as one of the biggest innovators in men's clothing in the late 20th century is unrivalled. The more recent activity from Aitor Throup and the aesthetics to his work inspire me as well as the individuality and creativity of Henrik Vibskov's shows and garments.

If you could choose any celebrity to front your campaign who would it be?

At the moment I want people to look at the garments and buy them because they love them and appreciate them rather than because the saw it on a celeb. I want to be appreciated within the rag trade for design but if I had to choose it would be someone like George Lamb.

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

I would have wanted to be a footballer, Its my other love, and im not bad at it!! An unusual mix me thinks, fashion designer/footballer!

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time just drawing and sketching and checking out latest exhibitions and art installations. There is so much on in shoreditch and hackney, theres always something to do. I still play football and love hitting the gym but also Like to just chill in front of a good film or catch up with mates over a good cuppa!

Don't miss your chance to see Tom Lipop during London Fashion Week September 2010! For more information visit or his website
All press and buyer queries to

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Street Trend of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snapped by Haroon!

Filipino-born designer brings the epitome of modern decadence and elegance to the UK at LFW

Since being invited to Miami Fashion Week 2009 where he delivered a show stopping 39-piece collection, Amato Couture’s Furne One is set to storm the UK to expand his international following. The Filipino born haute couture genius will be exhibiting his latest creations at the lavish Charing Cross Hotel at the off-schedule ‘A La Mode’ fashion show on 17th September 2010.
Already a regular on the pages of Hello, OK, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia, this designer has a strong following of elegant and decadent women across the United Arab Emirates, and throughout Germany. Having been awarded Grazia’s Middle East Style award for ‘Best Regional Designer’, the brands repeated TV appearances on Germany’s Next Top Model (arranged by supermodel fan Heidi Klum) has alerted Europe of his vision and caused widespread interest in his gowns.

Combining a beautifully well blended mix of Eastern styles from his heritage, and Western, from his love for Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, Amato’s jewel encrusted gowns are created “for the strong independent woman who is not afraid to dictate what she wants”. Along with the distinctive style of British fashion designers, Furne takes inspiration from 17th Century couture and cameos, lace and antiques from the era. The elements of mystery they emulate have a clear influence on his designs.

Furne is clearly a man who knows his vision; something defined by his idea of the pinnacle of his career: world domination.

If his track record is anything to go by, once Amato Couture hits the catwalk in the UK, there will be no stopping this unique and talented designer.

Press and buyers wishing to attend the show should email Terri at


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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer trends from Resort 2011 collections

The 2011 resort collections has finally been filtered from their luxurious destinations to the comfort of our computer screens, showing us how chic we can look during are summer getaways. Whether you’re relaxing on a luxurious beach, yacht, or just a day in the city, the designers showed their fun and flirty side, letting us know that lots of colour and prints are the way to go for your perfect summer holiday look.

70’s Revival
Chanel ‘s resort show took us to the sunny shores of St. Tropez, and Karl Lagerfeld’s interpretation of the perfect summer look included billowing kaftan dresses, white pantsuits and crochet dresses;

The collection had a very seventies style feel to it, and the show seemed free-spirited and relaxed, as most of the model walked the runway barefoot. For this summer, bikini tops, tweed jackets and high waisted denim seems to be on Karl Largerfeld’s agenda for summer, and by the look of things 70’s revival is here to stay.

Colour Blocking

Back to the busy, bustling city life of New York City, Yves Saint Laurent creative director ,Stefano Pilati brought his resort collection to the city, and shocked us all with his use of bright colours, prints and figure hugging jumpsuits, which were reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent earlier work.

High-waisted pants seem to be a common trend this summer, and pairing them with a cute bra top gives the outfit its summer chic look. Bright colours was present a lot within this collection, with sorbet pinks, bright reds and of course Stefano’s favourite colour, Black. This summer, colour-blocking seems to be the way forward, so brighten up your wardrobes with sharp colours and sweet sorbet garments, teaming them with the powerful high waisted shorts or pants.

Minimalistic chic

The minimalistic look is still present this summer, with its clean cut dresses, and pastel and white pantsuits which were seen in 3.1 Phillip Lim resort collection;

This look is timeless, clean and effortless, making a person look the epitome of chic. Phillip Lim’s collection was filled with white and pastel colours, silk jumpsuits, and beige pantsuits. This look is perfect for a day in the city, and the relaxed, chilled look of minimalism leaves you feeling fresh, cool and fabulous.

Graphic Prints

Adding prints to an ensemble is another big trend this summer, seen in many of the resort collections, including Hérve Leger:

The use of prints, gives a different aspect to the famous bandage dresses, making them more fun and funky. The bright colours together with the graphic prints, makes for an eye-catching fun outfit which is sure to give you some summer flare.

Whether you’re wearing a plain white shirt and shorts, high waisted pants and bikini top, or a graphic print dress, make the trend you choose to add to your daywear your own and suitable to your style.

Words by Leah Sinclair