Thursday, 24 June 2010

Catching up with Project Catwalk designer Tom Lipop on his new Label Lipop London!

What inspired you to enter the fashion world?

Ive always been into designing and sketching and love architecture, I came across CP company and Stone Island whilst working in a little boutique in Brighton when I was 15 and loved everything about it, The detailing, the functionality and overall aesthetic, It was this that convinced me I wanted to go into Fashion and design a kind of architecture for the body!!

You were featured on Sky One's Project Catwalk. Tell us a bit more about this whole experience?

This was a mad experience, from start to finish, it went so quickly. One minute I was being interviewed on the phone after being contacted from graduate fashion week, the next we were being phyche tested and then I was buddled into this £9 million house in Lancaster Gate with all my belongings in one lonely suitcase. The experience was absolutely manic but the best of my life. I met some great friends and had a very drunken old, stress orientated, time. we literally partied every night in the house courtesy of sky - (Thanks) followed by a 6am start and a hefty hangover!! Barocca got me through!! It was literally what it said on the tin, 12 mentalists, myself (hehe), a silly deadline, not many tools and making garments in a matter of hours. Madness, but I thrived on the pressure. Wish I had defended myself a little more and not been so complacent, maybe I would have made it to the final!!

What inspires your designs and what makes the 'Lipop London' brand unique?

We like to say that were modernising classics. I love a simpler looking garment not too overworked but with a really technical cut and a great aesthetic. Technical fabrics inspire me immensley with the new technologies as well as things like your everyday food blender. I love it when you have the basic function, but you can add an adapter here and remove a part there and you have a new function. Something similar to what CP company did in the 90's with the transparent coat that changed into an inflatable chair.

Which other designers do you admire?

I will always admire and appreciate the work of the late Massimo Osti. His position as one of the biggest innovators in men's clothing in the late 20th century is unrivalled. The more recent activity from Aitor Throup and the aesthetics to his work inspire me as well as the individuality and creativity of Henrik Vibskov's shows and garments.

If you could choose any celebrity to front your campaign who would it be?

At the moment I want people to look at the garments and buy them because they love them and appreciate them rather than because the saw it on a celeb. I want to be appreciated within the rag trade for design but if I had to choose it would be someone like George Lamb.

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

I would have wanted to be a footballer, Its my other love, and im not bad at it!! An unusual mix me thinks, fashion designer/footballer!

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time just drawing and sketching and checking out latest exhibitions and art installations. There is so much on in shoreditch and hackney, theres always something to do. I still play football and love hitting the gym but also Like to just chill in front of a good film or catch up with mates over a good cuppa!

Don't miss your chance to see Tom Lipop during London Fashion Week September 2010! For more information visit or his website
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