Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Keep it on the low…

Keep it on the low…

The staple towering, uber sexy ‘high heel’ has taken a serious chop this year, as fashionistas witnessed the saying ‘less is more’ clearly sashaying down the catwalk in the form of beautifully cute ‘low heels.’ The low heel phenomenon has struck our favourite designers; with ultra sexy, and one could say ‘comfortable’ (a rare occurrence in high fashion) creations pouring out of their creative jugs. This summer we see the likes of Chloe, Stella McCartney and Marni take on the equally sexed up ‘low heel’ to create a chic craze.

Key trendsetter Kate Moss, who paved the way for many well known fashion faux pas rocked the ‘socks-in-sandals’ look. The cardinal fashion rule used to be no socks with open toe sandals, but it appears Kate turned that around and now it’s a wanted look. If Kate approves, and Marni (above) makes it look so hot, then we’re certainly not complaining.

Chloe’s swashbuckling pirate take on the gladiator sandal is this season’s
perfect piece for hardening up pretty summer dresses. Soft leather straps
decorated with a rustic buckle, Emmy sandals are available in flats too, but we know
which side were walking on…

Really work the Emmy by teaming the flat versions with white wool stirrup trousers by Chloe, tucked into the sandals and finish off with a beige cape. For the low heel version, we’re loving Chloe girl Hannah MacGibbon’s lambskin leather jumpsuit. Against such neutral colours, the effect of the Emmy sandal is striking.

For the slightly eccentric sister’s on board, if Chloe and Marni’s muted colours aren’t sparky enough, check out Louis Vuitton’s take on the low heel craze. Crazy. The best way to describe the creation from greens verging on ‘sick’ to orange pom poms and zebra prints, LV’s Spring 2010 collection is set to raise the attention factor this season. Team with ultra bright boy shorts, big hair and lots of tassels and fringed accessories.

Fashion often goes back on itself, bringing back what is once shunned. But we stick by the almighty low heel. Comfort and class all squeezed into a 1.5 inch heel? Life is so good without painful soles.

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