Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Catching up with emerging designer Chantal Gibbs Jones

We Caught up with the fabulous designer Chantal Gibbs Jones who will be showcasing her cupcake inspired designs at our Movida Summer Soiree event this coming Thursday. We caught up with her quickly to learn more about her elegant designs and making her mark in the Fashion Industry…

1. What inspired to you to pursue a career in the fashion industry?
I started an interest in fashion at 10 - I used to flick through magazines and tear out what I liked (I still have them!) and started doodling in my school work books so for me it just came naturally.

2. What inspires the look of your collection?
I think it depends on the collection, for my current collection ‘All about the Cupcake’ it was all down to a piece of fabric I found on Ebay. I found a lovely cupcake print by Robert Kaufman and started designing around the fabric and then exploring with other fabrics such as polka dots and coloured buttons.

3. During your final year at university, you were mentored by Sandie Downie, who was a pattern cutter for iconic designers and fashion houses Galliano & Chanel. Being that she has had so much experience in the fashion industry, has she given you any good advice?
Take risks and sometimes you can actually design a dress that is impossible to make.

4. Who is your demographic? What type of woman would wear your clothes?
Again I think it depends on the collection but I'd say quite a wide range from 16-35. The type of woman I design for is someone who is girly yet elegant, fun and strong but in a feminine way.

5. Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothes?
I always accentuate the waist - I love the hourglass shape where the waist is small in contrast to the hips. I think the theme depends on the mood of the collection and the season.

6. What is your favourite season for fashion?
I would have to say spring/summer because you get to play with light easy breezy fabrics and lots of colour!

7. Which fashion designer do you admire?
I'd have to say Galliano/Dior because I love haute couture and Franz Gerbe who made the most amazing dress out of cabbage leaves

8. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?
I would love to be working full-time in fashion and getting my own label off the ground.

9. From your first collection, is there anything you would change or alter if you had the chance to re-do it?
With my first collection La Divinia Amazonia there isn't much I would change other than maybe add another dress and more beading.

10. What advice would you give to other aspiring fashion designers?

Always believe in yourself no matter how much someone puts you down and always strive to be the best.

Words by Leah Sinclair
Find out more about Chantal's designs and label at -

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