Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Omar Mansoor returns to London Fashion Week

We caught up with Omar Mansoor to find out what he has been up to since February when he last showcased during London Fashion Week and what to expect from him in September.

It’s great to have you showing at London Fashion Week for the 3rd consecutive season – how does it feel to be returning?
The feeling is more challenging than exciting, as you came in competition with your own previous collections, as I see each season, each show, as a new chapter in the book of my life.

 Who do you design your clothes for?
Women who are confident of themselves and ready to experiment!

Do you feel that over the last few years your designs or inspirations have changed?
I like the idea of mixing innovation with textiles and fabrics as I'm always thinking what am I going to do about my next collection? I'm really inspired by everything:  art, music, women, travel, my friends,... I take that inspiration and translate it into my work.  As my previous collections featured quite a few short length dresses, but by passage of time, long gowns took over. There’s always a specific muse I'm working on, it could, be culture, painter, theatre or sculpture... You have many, many ideas, it goes up and down.

Which celebrities do you admire and are there any that you take inspiration from?
For me this is the most difficult question to answer as for me it’s not about wearing, but all about carrying it right! all celebs try their best to rock on the red carpet but still almost all of them had the incidents knows as 'fashion disasters', so technically there's no specific 'inspiring celebrity' but 'inspiring stylists'(like Anna Bance) , who dress and create whole look for celebs for specific occasions.

Did you find London Fashion Week daunting the first time you showed there?
When I was selected to showcase for the first time at LFW, I couldn’t  believe it's happened, I was totally shocked ! there was inspiring fear or intimidating but it wasn’t  discouraging for me as My ambition has always been to grow my business I've worked really hard for it  and had ups and downs. It's not something I'd give up easily.

 How do you feel watching your designs on the runway?
It’s like seeing your child graduating :)

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Very good question - only if I had any (laughs).. whenever I have any spare moments , I like to spend them with my besties and discuss the non-fashion affairs in their lives, but for some reason 'art' does comes in to discussion.

How would you describe your personal style?
For me it started out being all about craftsmanship and about how well you can sew. Design is all about creating the garment, a silhouette, a structure.
My personal style has nothing to do with ‘Trend’, I design my garments to look good on real women’s bodies, curves and silhouettes.
It's one thing to design a size-eight catwalk dress; it's another to make sure that dress will proportionally fit someone who is a size 16.

Do you feel that your business experience has helped your career as a designer?
My formal education in business may sound rather a 'traditional path' for entrepreneurship. it helped me in my career as lots of things are needed on the business side. To create a brand that achieves this image was a gradual process – an evolution.

What can we expect from your collection in September? 
Something chic, feminine,  colourful and elegant.

Archer Adams Launches First A/W '11 Weekend Travel Bag Collection Featuring Holland & Sherry Cloth

Utilising exclusive Holland & Sherry 400gr/15oz Harris tweed, Archer Adams is proud to launch the company's first weekend travel bag collection -- The Hampstead -- in three stunning colours: burnt orange, bitter cherry & storm purple.

Manufactured in the UK with the highest quality English bridle leather and hardware, the Hampstead weekend travel bag is big enough to carry plenty of clothes/gear for a long weekend -- or even a week -- yet small enough to fit in an airplane's overhead compartment.
And best of all, in addition to its original good looks, and convenient light weight, the Hampstead is guaranteed for 10 years against all normal wear & tear.
 Holland & Sherry - From its conception, over 170 years ago, Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with the finest cloth. In 1836 Stephen George Holland & Frederick Sherry began the business as woollen merchants at 10 Old Bond Street, London, specialising in both woollen and silk cloths.
Size: 20" Wide x 13" High x 10.5" Gusset (51cm Wide x 33cm High x 26cm Gusset). The bag also includes a roomy inside zip pocket for documents, wallet, etc.

The Hampstead is available for £390.00 (inclusive of 20% VAT) at the Archer Adams retail shop in central London, 2 Chiltern Street W1 or shop online at or 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A LA MODE Tickets are now on sale...

VERY LIMITED number of tickets are available to purchase for fashion enthusiasts to attend the exciting two night event in September 2011's SS12 London Fashion Week. Showcasing a smorgasbord of edgy emerging designers from around the world, the A La Mode show hosted by LGN Events ( ) is fast becoming the go-to show for tomorrows next big name in fashion. Previously launching designers such as Amato Couture (Who also designed a range for Supermodel Heidi Klum), Jonathan Liang (Malaysia's Award Winning 'Most Promising designer') and Valery Kovalska into the London spotlight, this season is one not to be missed.

LFW  A/W11

Fashion Designer Rehmali and guests

Guest at the A La Mode Show in February 
Click Banner to purchase your ticket now.

Forever 21 Launch Party

20th July was the night that the London finally got to see Forever 21’s gorgeous clothes, just in time for summer! And what better way to kick off this launch with a carnival themed party at the Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. 

Ice cream, burgers, ‘wah’ nail painting, jewellery, henna, sweets and fashion were just some of the things available that night and VIP’s such as Lydia Bright and Bip Ling, the face of Forever 21, attended also. After we had a great night meeting new people and chatting with other guests, we went into the fashion show. Forever 21 tried a new approach and showed their summer collection through holograms. This was really exciting and had everybody talking! The clothes were gorgeous and I absolutely loved the feminine, dainty summer dresses.
After an amazing night at the launch party, I can’t wait for the new London store to open so I can start buying their latest collection! 

Our Fashion Assistant Joy Ejaria
Our intern, Holly Meloy getting her henna done

Style of the Week

Blazer: Vero Moda
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Rowme

We love this lady's classic style from the red skirt to the green bag! Not to mention the blazer. The outfit is perfect for this season. Love her style? then check out her blog:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Get the Look: Kelly Rowland

Starworks Resort 2012 Collections Press Day

A review By our very own Sarah Best :)...

At the Starworks Resort 2012 Collections press day,I was very impressed by several of the brands showing there.  I think my absolute favourite clothing brand had to be Tucker.  The Shawl Collar Coat was one of the stand-out pieces for me, in a very dark navy, small check print with a white faux fur collar.  It looked expensive and luxurious, but if I remember correctly it was only about $300.                                                     
 I also liked their shirts, two of which stood out because they were very rich in colour (one was blue and the other was purple) with small pale spots on.  The fabric type was lovingly named ‘Tinsel and Gretel’ which I thought was quite sweet.
I also thought that Boyo Studio’s T-shirts were the perfect mix of laid-back, slouchy cool with black and white revolution-based prints and a pop of colour in the form of pink roses.
I think I saw the most interesting and beautiful shoes ever with Nicholas Kirkwood’s collection.  He had gorgeous patent peep-toes in red, black and nude and there were magnificent bright pinks, mint greens and cobalt blues.  The most fantastic pair though had to be the fluorescent yellow shoes with bright pink lace overlay.  They came in three styles with a pair of high court shoes, flat sandals and a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals.   I just couldn't take my eyes off them!
Before I went to the press day I was excited to see what Lily Allen’s Lucy in Disguise line would be like.  I have to say I was not disappointed as I genuinely think she has found a great style for her line.  The dresses were elegant yet interesting as they had sequins or beads, but were not over-the-top.  To me they personified the perfect party dress; sexy, girly and elegant all rolled into one; particularly the mint green shift dress with crystal bead detailing on the bottom of the sleeves and the hemline.  There were also some nice dresses which would be perfect for chic daywear, in shirt styles with eye-catching prints.
Overall I was really impressed and think I should also give Roksanda a mention as there were some really interesting colours and lovely long-sleeved maxi dresses which were utterly elegant and sophisticated.  I think 2012 will be a very exciting year for fashion if these designs are anything to go by, with zingy colours and luxurious fabrics coming into play.  

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Style of the Week

 We like the high waist shorts, the jacket vintage as well, accessories and belts, that enhance the outfit. A style very "casual yet chic". Its perfect for this summer!

 Boots: Urban Outfitters
Short: American Apparel
Body: American Apparel
Thrifted Jacket

Introducing Zerrin Akinci.....

As preparation for LFW continues, we are meeting up with all the designers set to showcase at the ' A La Mode show. This week we caught up with Cyprus based designer Zerrin Akinci. She gave us a little insight into her brand and where she gets inspiration from.
Your  passion is to create the unique, what does unique mean to you?
As a designer, I design with the passion to create as unique as the soul, as fitted as the skin and as unique as my clients. I believe each of us has different fingerprints that are born and live with us till we die.  Like  the  fingerprints we have,  we are all solitary both insight and out-sight , we are solitary in characters and in styles.  We have no likes-no equals.  With these beliefs, ZA by Zerrin Akinci offers its innovative and reflective designs for the believers of what you wear reflects your iner-ness.

Cyprus is a small place where did your big dreams come from?
Cyprus is a small island which is divided into two parts as North and South Cyprus, and where there is almost nothing about fashion sector.   However I belive that dreams are something that come from inside to outside, not from outside to inside. It is something that’s in your karma, and it’s your dharma.. Nevermind where you were born, you came to this world with a dharma-  aim of life. When you find what it is, each day you wake up with a different energy with the happiness of taking steps towards your dharma.  Sketching has always been a passion for me as long as i remember.At 16, I became second in an international design competiton, just missing out a placement in New York fashion school. After completion of my BA in PR and MA in marketing communications, and 3 years of experience in trade marketing, I quit everything and headed to USA to follow my childhood dream.  Living in a small island has both advantages and disadvantages for me.  Nevertheless, Living in Cyprus  absolutely increases my motives to network and work harder and harder to reach my goals.
You often use loud and vibrant colours in your designs, is the woman you imagine wearing your designs loud and vibrant in her personality?
ZA woman is a  fashiontrendsetter rather than a follower. She is modern, elegant and vibrant.  ‘What I wear reflect my own inner-ness’ is her fashion moto. She is aware the fact that image is important in today’s world but more than that she believes in style personality.

If you can have any celebrity endorse your brand who would you pick and why?
Definetely I would like to work with Alek Wek. Apart from the fact that she was my inspiration when i was sketching on my desk in highschool years, I find her story of immigration from Sudan during the Civil war and  that she was discovered by a model agency while shopping in London Market very inspiring.  Her re-definition of  the standards of beauty in fashion  is very similar to my fashion attitude about inner beauty. Her ethnic background, and her standing on the stage in style and  as black and  beautiful as she can, goes relatively with my designs. Also her social responsibility as a human being in helping to raise awareness about Sudan, about AIDS, as well as the plight of refugees worldwide,  makes me admire her more . Simply, as she is the message I  am trying to give about fashion, she is the one I would like to endorse my brand.

What are your current inspirations for your future collections
For my future collection I am inspired by envelopes. And the meaning of this white piece of paper for the people.  Theme of my collection is ‘an envelope…all I am waiting for…’  During at some phases of our lives,  we are all waiting for an envelope. We might be waiting for a love letter from a lover, or just a hello from a family member abroad. It might be an acceptance letter from the university… an envelope… Sometimes It is all we are looking have a new beginning..or  an end..

How does it feel to be coming to showcase to your collection during LFW?
AMAZING JI am ver very excited about this show

Where did the Eastern and Mediterranean influences come from?
I am a mediterranean who believes in the protection of evil eyes,  dreamcatchers etc. I like to read and learn about spirituality,  different cultures and beliefs.

 You evidently have many eastern inspirations, you studied in America, did that influence  your designs in any way?
I simply describe myself as an international  designer educated in the West who looks to the East  for the inspiration. 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Alluring Perfumes Galore!

The Perfume Shop Press Event that we attended was of course perfumes galore! We had truly walked up the stairway to heaven. Champagne, cupcakes and scattered diamonds (well not exactly real diamonds, diamantes, diamonds just sound more lavish!) All that was left was for us to spray away and whiff the sensual scents of the most luxury and divine perfumes there are to offer. Being surrounded by an array of fragrances we got scouting for the best scents, so here are some of the highlights.

Rihanna’s debut scent titled Reb’l Fleur is truly RiRi. The musky, fruity scent is as fun, feminine and edgy as the Barbadian beauty. The bottle is very glamorous with the colours black and gold keeping intact with the richness of the scent. You only have to turn it around to see that it’s actually a stiletto heel! 
Next up we came across the macho Hugo Boss brand, where we were a little distracted by the giant print of Jered Leto fronting the newest scent Hugo Just Different. This scent is all about the urban and uber cool male with a smell of confidence. This particularly attractive display was accompanied by Hugo’s long running scents as they return in new packaging and vintage style flask bottles.

It seemed that we were in a farmers market at one point, DKNY fronted a fabulous display on charming food carts filled with delicious apples- being the fragrances and edible toffee apples! Keeping intact with the big apple theme, the apples continue to conquer the world with DKNY Golden Delicious and Delicious Candy Apples which are sure to lure us in The Perfume Shop. The scents are sweet and like no other, Delicious Candy Apples in particular are perfectly appropriate for this summer. 
It was only a matter of time till crystal giant Swarovski would launch their debut perfume and Aura is all that one would expect from Swarovski, pure elegance and luxury. Aura is an aroma of incandescent, fruity and floral freshness made to perfection as the bottle is topped with a unique crystal, sure to be a keepsake and to add a touch of sparkle to your dressing table.  

Thierry Mugler’s Angel returns with a star. The distinctively designed bottle takes form of a star which is enchanting and whimsical, almost nostalgic just creator Mugler described the idea of tenderness and childhood in his brand. Angel also has a great ecological approach as you can return to The Perfume Shop with your empty perfume bottle and get it refilled at a discounted price! 
 All available at The Perfume Shop -

Friday, 15 July 2011

YES YES YES! Batiste Dry Shampoo, the saviour of dirty stop-outs in miniature.

Proving that the best things come in small packages, Batiste is available in 50ml size for just £1.55!   Choose from flirty Blush, summery Tropical or the Original fragrance. Slip in your bag, so you can refresh your style wherever you are!
Batiste 50ml travel size, £1.55 available at Boots, Superdrug and independent chemists. 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

LGN Events - Summer Catwalk Presentation

LGN Events - Summer Catwalk Presentation 2

LGN Events - Summer Catwalk Presentation

Introducing.....Stency Kidega

With London Fashion Week just round the corner, we are catching up with all the designers who will be showcasing at the 'A La Mode' show. We caught up with Stency Kidega to find out more about her, why she launched her brand and what it was like working with Mathew Williamson.
You started constructing garments at the age of 8, what kind of designs were you creating then?
At eight I was making the weirdest things like triangular tops that I would knot at the back. I would wear them with pride. Ask me if I would wear them now? Good God no. It was all part of finding my personal style and I’m glad I went through it.

Why did you decide to launch your own label?
I have created my own label because I would like to spend the rest of my life doing something I love. Plus its the one thing I have wanted since the ages of 8.

What was working for Mathew Williamson like?
Working for him was one of the best experiences ever. I enjoyed looking through boxes of samples and switching between departments. His company proves that fashion can be fashionable and kind. 

What do you regard more important the simplicity of a design or its complexity?
I believe that simplicity and complexity in design are both very important as they lend to one another. You can have one without the other wither it is print, surface textiles or construction.
Who is the woman you imagine in your designs?
A woman who is simply comfortable and confident in her own skin.

You use a very neutral colour palette in a lot of your designs is there a particular reason for this?
I use neutral palettes the majority of my collection as it make it easier for the shopper to mix at match with garments at home. Once in a while I add colours but neutrals are the heart at soul of colours.          

What is your advice for women who want to work with surface textiles?
Simple foundation elaborate textiles, complexed foundation minimal textiles. Keeps the focus where you want it.

Your collection is very unique in the way that it is timeless and does not follow any obvious trends, is this intentional?
It is intentional. Im not keen on trends. I like the idea of being able to wear the same garment next season or at any age. I think that’s what we have lost over time an need to get back.  

When did mechanical objects first become your inspiration?
When I first visited the science museum. I still continue some elements of my previous work in my collections. My favorate would have to be the aviation collection with the folds. I have done two interpretations of that to date.

What should every woman know about Stency designs?
MY deigns are timeless, sophisticated and for any season and age .

Where can women purchase your designs?
Designs can be purchased from

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Introducing Alja Slemensek

We recently caught up with Slovenian fashion designer Alja Slemensek to find out more about her fashion label, what inspires her and her plans for the label. Alja will be showcasing her S/S12 collection in September during London Fashion Week.

Did you always want to be a fashion designer? If you were not a fashion designer what would you have been?
Yes, being fashion designer was always my dream since I was a child. I think a makeup artist or photographer.
How do you think growing up in Slovenia influenced your designs?
There are always positive and negative sides I think and growing up here is not a fashion designers dream ;). I wish I would know how I would turn out as a designer if I would grow up in London, Paris or New York, but I definitely believe I would be different also as a person or not?. I think there are quite a few very good designers here but it is really hard to only work and create in Slovenia and live from it... I am thinking about going abroad again.

What did your university exchange program in Denmark teach you about design?
I was accepted at Designskolen in Denmark for one year-exchange-programme. They put me in a class with older students who were already working on their Master's. That one year gave me so much. I became more confident and self-reliant designer. I also got better in technical skills. I did a few workshops, learnt how to knit. There were always consultations available if you needed help with something. It was a great experience for me in every way.
What would you describe your aesthetic to be?
I like lace, vintage styles and details. I like minimalism and less is more but sometimes I like kitsch. The label's concept is sensual minimalism, colour-themed, detailed. Designs are based on the cut of the fabric, organic lines and forms, contrast.

Where do you get your inspiration? How does it come to you?
Oh this is so hard to answer. I guess it comes from life, from how you feel that moment, everything I like can inspire me, also my friends and people I meet, dreams, films...Its in me. I don’t know how to explain that ;).
What ideas and themes influenced your current collection?
This last collection was inspired by origami technique and modern warrior (Origami Warrior) but right now this new collection that I am working on is inspired by LOVE, Romance,..
What would you say the "Alja Slemensek" woman is like?
Elegant, loves and appreciate Art, nature and animals. Confident, yet shy. Happy and positive, respectful.

To what extent did the work experience at KAUFMANFRANCO influence your work?
It was great. I got a look-in how a fashion company works; got to work in a team and meet nice talented people. I learnt a lot on different fields too and decided I have to start my own label.
What was it like to participate in the Ramazzoti runaway award for Berlin Fashion week?
It was a nice experience. The event was well-organized by professionals so I only focused on my collection. I got nice compliments in the end and also some other opportunities. 
What other fashion shows have you taken part in?
Had several fashion shows in Slovenia, one in Denmark and this April I had fashion show at Macedonia Fashion week.

How has your styling experience influenced your designs?
I like to try everything connected with cloths, fashion and so on.  To get more and different experience.
So I am happy that I did some styling for magazines and helped with costumes at music video, TV commercials and short film... I met some really talented and interesting people but I also realized that I love to design and I am more focused on that.
What are your hopes for the label in the future?
 I wish my label would be favoured with more new happy costumers. To get even better and well-known and keep doing what I love to do. I guess that is every designers dream :)

For more information please visit:

Style of the Week

Blazers have grown to become wardrobe staples from over-sized to fitted. We love the color of this lady's blazer and how she has styled it. What's more is you too can get this outfit from the High Street.
Blazer: Zara
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: River Island

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Independent Brands wow the audience at Spectacular Summer Showcase

Friday night saw 10 Independent designers unite at Premier members venue, ’Alto London’ to showcase their stunning creations as part of the LGN Events ‘Summer Showcase’.

Guests in attendance included ITV, OHTV (Sky Channel 199), Grazia Magazine, Pride Magazine, RP Management, Renowned celebrity Journalist Jasmine Dotiwala, L’Oreal and more.

Opening the show was the Award winning designer Agnieszka Swiatly, who showcased her luxurious and sensual pieces.

Independent Romanian designer, Cristina Cernei followed and showcased her glamorous geometrical shaped pieces.

French brand, Nad Lynski, showcased their womenswear collection consisting of classic tailored pieces.

Emerging British designer Rose Willis showcased her fun, floaty and versatile pieces. Rose also designs her own prints developed from her own drawings.

Glasgow based evening wear label Nutmeg Couture by Megan Cuthbertson showcased her beautiful collection of bespoke gowns.

Imunzi by Magdalena Waś showcased her seductive yet elegant dresses, well know for extenuating the curves and beauty of the wearer.

Italian designer Letizia Morandi also launched her new self-titled luxury Handbag collection.

Tanzanian London based designer Anna Lukinda showcased her vibrant collection from her label ‘A nna Luks’.

Scottish label nicci.n model’s wore elegant lace masks to compliment her affordable and wearable pieces.

Closing the show with an innovative and engaging performance was alternative Manchester based label Munkispanner by Caroline Baldry.

Top make-up artist Anna Orkiszewska had her team of experienced hair and make-up artists making up the exquisite models backstage.

For further images or information please contact Joy at

For further information on the designers visit:

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Style of the Week

Maxis are all the rage this summer from floor lengths to calf lengths. We spotted this lady shopping in Topshop. We like the way she is wearing the leopard print maxi with brown loafers and brown bag. You too can get her look the Maxi Dress is from  Urban Outfitters and Jacket is from Uniqlo.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Smell Sweet this Summer with DKNY Delicious Candy Apples Exclusively at The Perfume Shop

Feel juicy and sweet with DKNY Delicious and try one of its scents from the new Candy Apple collection, available EXCLUSIVELY at The Perfume Shop from Thursday 21st July.
The DKNY Delicious Candy Apples collection is a delectable combination of a hard, sweet and vibrant candy coating with freshest scent inside. The crunch from the candy, mixed with the fresh crisp juicy apple centre creates a sweet surprise that is irresistible and immediately desired.

This scrumptious trio includes Sweet Strawberry in red which combines strawberry mousse and sparkling bergamot notes, Juicy Berry in purple which mixes apple blossom with blackberries and Fresh Orange in orange which contains mouth-watering mandarin and fizzy orange sorbet.

DNKY Delicious Candy Apples will be available exclusively from The Perfume Shop from Thursday 21st July, and will be available in an EDP Spray 50ml, all priced at £29.50 each. To learn more about fragrance from the perfume experts or to purchase your favourite scents please visit