Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Omar Mansoor returns to London Fashion Week

We caught up with Omar Mansoor to find out what he has been up to since February when he last showcased during London Fashion Week and what to expect from him in September.

It’s great to have you showing at London Fashion Week for the 3rd consecutive season – how does it feel to be returning?
The feeling is more challenging than exciting, as you came in competition with your own previous collections, as I see each season, each show, as a new chapter in the book of my life.

 Who do you design your clothes for?
Women who are confident of themselves and ready to experiment!

Do you feel that over the last few years your designs or inspirations have changed?
I like the idea of mixing innovation with textiles and fabrics as I'm always thinking what am I going to do about my next collection? I'm really inspired by everything:  art, music, women, travel, my friends,... I take that inspiration and translate it into my work.  As my previous collections featured quite a few short length dresses, but by passage of time, long gowns took over. There’s always a specific muse I'm working on, it could, be culture, painter, theatre or sculpture... You have many, many ideas, it goes up and down.

Which celebrities do you admire and are there any that you take inspiration from?
For me this is the most difficult question to answer as for me it’s not about wearing, but all about carrying it right! all celebs try their best to rock on the red carpet but still almost all of them had the incidents knows as 'fashion disasters', so technically there's no specific 'inspiring celebrity' but 'inspiring stylists'(like Anna Bance) , who dress and create whole look for celebs for specific occasions.

Did you find London Fashion Week daunting the first time you showed there?
When I was selected to showcase for the first time at LFW, I couldn’t  believe it's happened, I was totally shocked ! there was inspiring fear or intimidating but it wasn’t  discouraging for me as My ambition has always been to grow my business I've worked really hard for it  and had ups and downs. It's not something I'd give up easily.

 How do you feel watching your designs on the runway?
It’s like seeing your child graduating :)

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Very good question - only if I had any (laughs).. whenever I have any spare moments , I like to spend them with my besties and discuss the non-fashion affairs in their lives, but for some reason 'art' does comes in to discussion.

How would you describe your personal style?
For me it started out being all about craftsmanship and about how well you can sew. Design is all about creating the garment, a silhouette, a structure.
My personal style has nothing to do with ‘Trend’, I design my garments to look good on real women’s bodies, curves and silhouettes.
It's one thing to design a size-eight catwalk dress; it's another to make sure that dress will proportionally fit someone who is a size 16.

Do you feel that your business experience has helped your career as a designer?
My formal education in business may sound rather a 'traditional path' for entrepreneurship. it helped me in my career as lots of things are needed on the business side. To create a brand that achieves this image was a gradual process – an evolution.

What can we expect from your collection in September? 
Something chic, feminine,  colourful and elegant.

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