Thursday, 14 July 2011

Introducing.....Stency Kidega

With London Fashion Week just round the corner, we are catching up with all the designers who will be showcasing at the 'A La Mode' show. We caught up with Stency Kidega to find out more about her, why she launched her brand and what it was like working with Mathew Williamson.
You started constructing garments at the age of 8, what kind of designs were you creating then?
At eight I was making the weirdest things like triangular tops that I would knot at the back. I would wear them with pride. Ask me if I would wear them now? Good God no. It was all part of finding my personal style and I’m glad I went through it.

Why did you decide to launch your own label?
I have created my own label because I would like to spend the rest of my life doing something I love. Plus its the one thing I have wanted since the ages of 8.

What was working for Mathew Williamson like?
Working for him was one of the best experiences ever. I enjoyed looking through boxes of samples and switching between departments. His company proves that fashion can be fashionable and kind. 

What do you regard more important the simplicity of a design or its complexity?
I believe that simplicity and complexity in design are both very important as they lend to one another. You can have one without the other wither it is print, surface textiles or construction.
Who is the woman you imagine in your designs?
A woman who is simply comfortable and confident in her own skin.

You use a very neutral colour palette in a lot of your designs is there a particular reason for this?
I use neutral palettes the majority of my collection as it make it easier for the shopper to mix at match with garments at home. Once in a while I add colours but neutrals are the heart at soul of colours.          

What is your advice for women who want to work with surface textiles?
Simple foundation elaborate textiles, complexed foundation minimal textiles. Keeps the focus where you want it.

Your collection is very unique in the way that it is timeless and does not follow any obvious trends, is this intentional?
It is intentional. Im not keen on trends. I like the idea of being able to wear the same garment next season or at any age. I think that’s what we have lost over time an need to get back.  

When did mechanical objects first become your inspiration?
When I first visited the science museum. I still continue some elements of my previous work in my collections. My favorate would have to be the aviation collection with the folds. I have done two interpretations of that to date.

What should every woman know about Stency designs?
MY deigns are timeless, sophisticated and for any season and age .

Where can women purchase your designs?
Designs can be purchased from

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