Friday, 25 June 2010


Here, the self-confessed workaholic whose perfect day involves 'quality time spent working', shares his thoughts and tales on fashion.

Q. How would you describe your designs? Your styles?

A.It's a piece of conversation. The designs are strong, flamboyant, full of life and energy. My styles for my couture and prêt couture are derived from movies, books and theatre.

Q. Describe the creative process.

A. Impulse, draw, create.
Designs evolve through stages. On paper to final designs differ as creations and collaboration to final fittings take shape as it evolves. It takes an estimated 3-5 months to complete a collection.
Q. Who is your muse?

A. It varies for all my collections.
My current is the Countess Elizabeth Bathory from the movie,"Countess",
17th century couture and the mystery surrounding the era. My previous muse was
Marie Antoinette. The collection was named The Dream of Heaven.

Q. Describe the Amato woman.

A. Strong, independent, not afraid to dictate what she wants, experiment with her
styles. Her perfume : Stella and Agent Provocateur Her lifestyle : goes to the opera, an art lover

Q. Which celebrity/supermodel would you like to wear your clothes? And why?

A. I would love to dress Cate Blancett. She has a strong personality; she's not afraid to explore and dictate her sense of fashion.

Q. Who are the fashion designers you admire and emulate? Why?

A. I love designers who have their own distinctive style and signature. John Galliano and the late Alexander McQueen come to mind. I'm also an avid fan of Tim Burton movies.

Q. You work with lots of embellishments and textures like handpainting, embroidery, fabric flowers, crystals and moonstones. What excites you about them?

A. I love the fabrication and the textures of these embellishments. I can create collages for my designs with them.

Q. What are your future plans for your brand?

A. Expand to prêt-a-porter and diffusion lines, perhaps.

Q. What would be the pinnacle of your career and creativity?

A. World domination? (he laughs) To inspire creativity in the fashion world, to
stay true to what I love. To be known as an artist in his own right? Truly believe in keeping the 'hunger' for fashion alive.

Q. How would you like to be remembered in the realm of fashion?

A. A designer with a lot of drama! (puts his arm on his forehead, diva style!)

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