Thursday, 23 December 2010

5 Mins with designer Gloria Wavamunno...

We caught up with Ugandan designer Gloria Wavamunno who will be showcasing her stunning african inspired creations at the LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011...Read on to find out more about her new collection ...

Above pic: Gloria wearing one of her designs

1. Your African background seems to be one of your main inspirations when producing your collections, so to be showcasing at African Fashion Week in 2009 must have been an incredible honour. How was the whole experience?

Yes it is because it is a part of who i am, its feels natural. Showcasing at Africa Fashion Week 2009 was amazing, being a new fresh designer, that had only been in business for the past 6 months, for them to give me that oppurtunity and that exposure was just really humbeling and encouraging. They really took care of my work and allowed me to express it.

2. What is your ultimate goal as a designer?

My goal is to dress all kinds of women from all walks of life and race and culture. My clothes are for that individual woman, who is just that individual. I want the spirit of my designs to touch them.

3. What can we expect to see from Gloria Wavamunno in Feb's LFW show, 'A La Mode?'

Unique, evoking, fresh but respecting history clothing that is light but heavy.

4. Who would be your ideal celebrity to endorse your brand?

I love women that are just really free with themselves in their style, so Rihanna, Amber Rose, to Blake Lively.

5. Are you excited about coming to London and what do you think of London Fashion Week as a whole?

I am excited, think i will still be in shock/excitment till im watching my clothes go down the runway. I think London Fashion Week is just one of the Fashion Weeks I really adore for their belief in new designers and people in Artistry. It just has that vibe for anything goes and is appreciated. I love that!

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