Thursday, 9 December 2010

5 Mins with Australian Designer Cristina Nitopi...

We caught up with Luxury Australian based designer Cristina Nitopi on her inspirations and leaving her psychology career behind to pursue Fashion...

Above pic: Model wears one of Cristina's creations during Hong Kong Fashion Week 2010

* You originally had a career in psychology, what made you leave this career path and turn to fashion?

* Since I was in high school I always wanted to become a psychologist but what you wish for at school and what you see in the real world do not always match and that is what happened to me. I studied psychology for so many years and it was not until I started working in this area did I notice psychology was not for me. I noticed that text books and having a university degree does not always make a person it is something the world teaches people. I turned to spirituality and meditation for direction and I noticed I had alot of creative energy I trusted in the images I saw and this has helped me with designing.

* How did you break into the fashion industry and was it an easy transition?

* I always wanted to travel to New York but I was not much of a traveller. So I thought of having my first fashion show in New York. Of course not knowing what I was going up against I searched for Usa Fashion Shows and Couture Fashion Week appeared to me first. I informed the producer I was a new fashion designer from Sydney Australia and I wanted to expand my brand overseas. I told him I always wanted to visit New York and having my first fashion show in New York would be a dream come true. I presented my first collection to the producer Andres Aquino and he noticed I had potential and offered me an opportunity to have my first fashion show in New York and since then my career expanded and made the transition easy.

* You were born and raised in Sydney Australia, but your family originate from Sicily. Which would you say has had the greater impact on your designs and why?

* My Sicilian background has made a huge impact on my fashion career and designs just being Italian says it all. Most of the high quality fabrics are produced in Europe and I suppose my style is very european naturally and I combine. People always refer me to as the sicilian designer from australia.

* What has been the greatest influence when it comes to designing your pieces for this season?

* Meditation always inpsires me when I prepare for a new collection. Actually meditation is the only source I turn to for inspiration for all my collections.

* How would you describe your pieces for this seasons collection?

* I would describe this new collection as fun, wild and conservative

* What’s your favourite piece in your collection and why?

* I never have a favourite piece. So much of my energy goes into designing new collections I can never choose a favoiurite piece they are all equal to me.

* What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

* I have to say the most memorable moments of my career so far was when I had the menswear shows in New York

* What do you hope to achieve in the coming years as a designer?

* I hope I will always have the creative energy to create new collections and I am hoping to open more stores around the world.

Don't miss Cristina Nitopi's London fashion Week debut show in Feb 2011.

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