Friday, 9 September 2011

Introducing Yu:I&Me....

Tell us a bit about the label yu:I&me?
The collection from Yu:l&Me has a strong tendency to produce Haute couture lines with a characteristic of unisex designs, creating mixed harmony by capturing essence between traditional and modern designs that can also be freely blend with characteristics of east and west culture.

Who is it targeted at?
 The designs are targeted for people who are looking for a garment which they can wear in a place like party, event and awards ceremony.

How did you come up with the name?
 Yu:l&Me is a combination of words from the two designer's name, Rami Joo which indicates 'Me' and Yul Seo as in Yu:l.

What makes your pieces unique?
 We are generously investing a lot of money and time to experiment and create a new textiles and unique designs like, creating LED garment
and designing new patterns. I think this will lead our designs to be unique with the endless possibilities.

Tell us a bit about some of your inspirations?
 We find motives from natural science and general part of art in photography, architecture, movies and music.

If you can select any celebrity to front your campaign who would it be and why?
 We are planning to find right people and place to promote our brand, such as people who need to be in a lot of special occasions since the designs
has strong Haute couture characteristics. However, it is yet to be found.

What are you most looking forward to with regards to your London Fashion Week Debut?
 First of all, we are excited and looking forward to show our collection in London, where it is known to be the first kick off place in fashion trend and since it is also a meaningful chance to promote and show our designs of modernized Korean traditional garments to the world, which we can help promote Korean culture.

Where can your pieces be purchased?
 The designs are made-to-order for private clients from our workshop at this point.
You can order designs from


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