Thursday, 24 November 2011

First offical Sex and the City fragrance collection launches : A Great Xmas Gift!

Sex and the City, the landmark HBO series that continues to influence fashion trends and lifestyle choices amongst fans worldwide, has inspired a line of signature eau de perfumes created by Givaudan under a licensing agreement  between HBO and JTG Trading Company who will manufacture and distribute the collection worldwide.   The sassy style of Carrie Bradshaw, the confidence of Miranda Hobbes, the sensuality of Samantha Jones, and the classic style of Charlotte York are now contained in two new fragrances “Sex and City” and “Sex and the City by Night,” as well as “Sex and the City” Body Collections sets, which will debut at the HBO Shop ( and Wilkinson locations in November and will expand through Europe early next year. 

The new fragrances were developed by three of Givaudan’s top perfumers:  Adriana Medina, well known for her creations for Gwen Stefani and Ed Hardy; Rodrigo Flores-Roux, who has created scents for Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Estée Lauder; and Claude Dir, the fragrance creator behind Bobbi Brown and Tommy Hilfiger colognes. 

“The Sex and the City series continues to resonate with women worldwide,” said James Costos, vice president, Global Licensing & Retail at HBO.  “The appeal of the four main characters, who are as unique, complex and trendy as any woman aspires to be, symbolize the show’s eternal allure.  We’re extremely pleased to partner with Givaudan - the global leader in the fragrance industry.  Their elite perfumers have developed fragrances that capture the essence of Sex and the City and JTG Trading Company has the expertise to execute our vision and deliver this collection around the world.

“Givaudan is excited about creating these signature fragrances that capture the global appeal of the beloved television series Sex and the City.  This iconic show inspires viewers and fans with its lifestyle of trendy styles and chic, confident women,” said Cosimo Policastro, executive vice president, Fine Fragrance at Givaudan.  “This inspiration provided our perfumers with the starting points to create two sexy, sophisticated and timeless designs that are sure to be embraced as true fragrance classics.”
“Sex and the City”– the Stylish Perfume for a Day in the City (Above pic)

The “Sex and the City” perfume captures New York City’s energy and unique sensibility. With fresh top notes of Italian mandarin, juicy blood orange, red and pink berries and a subtle touch of passion fruit, the heart of this perfume is feminine, soft and flowery, with scents derived from jasmine, gardenia leaves and orange blossom. The velvety musk, sandalwood, caramel and amber in the base note provide the fragrance’s final statement of finesse, style and elegance.
“Sex and the City by Night” – the Sensuous Glamour of the City That Never Sleeps

With its sensuous, ultra feminine allure, “Sex and the City by Night” is the perfume equivalent of the little black dress. Fresh top notes of sparkling bergamot, pear blossom, dewy freesia leaves and neroli bring glamour to the fore. The heart of the perfume develops into a lush bouquet of night jasmine, peony, vanilla orchard and a surprising accent of fruity pomegranate, with the base note offering a beguiling, luxurious and slight powdery essence delivered by the warm blend of sandalwood, amber crystals, tonka beans, musk and patchouli.

Both fragrance lines retail from £9.00 for 30ml Eau de Perfume, £15.00 for 60 ml, Eau de Perfume and £22.50 for 100 ml Eau de Perfume.

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