Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hot 2011 Style Trends!

2010 was the first year in recent history which saw the colours black and grey, normally ever present as the staple colours in our wardrobes, to be overthrown by the colour camel. Today it would be hard to find anyone without a camel coat (a huge favourite of 2010), camel knitwear or a pair of camel trousers. However, as the New Year of 2011 unfolds expect another huge and very unexpected change to take place to our colour palette. One of fashions big colours this year is the pure and lustrous white. No longer used as just a mere accent colour to highlight, accentuate and compliment the more bold and daring colours inhabiting your wardrobe, instead, s/s of 2011 gives white its first lead role in the fashion world. The event that kick-started the trend was Ricardo Tisci’s autumn couture collection for Givenchy and has spread, rather unexpectedly, right through to the great Alexander Wang. Usually known for his effortlessly cool looks, combing biker jackets with jeans, Wang showed an almost completely white collection for this coming spring. Prepare yourselves for a total wardrobe re-vamp, white this coming season, will no longer be taking the backseat, but will be up in front, worn head to toe, there are no limits to white’s domination of the fashion colour palette this coming season.

But, why white I hear you ask. Any white item of clothing gets dirty within seconds of putting it on and for most of us who aren’t blessed with the flawless bodies of the Jessica Alba’s and Megan Fox’s of the world, white has an awful habit of highlighting all our lumps and bumps which we spend so much time trying to ingeniously disguise. As a result many of you, like myself, have probably spent most of their life-time strictly avoiding the colour and are consequently quite shocked by the colour choice of our fashion masters for this new year. The colour white, however, is symbolic of peace and hope (Noah’s dove) thus resonating the general feeling across the globe, perhaps, that this new year might bring with it a new beginning, an end to a decade of tumultuous warfare, crippling economic depression and unnerving natural catastrophes. White suggests new life, a clean palette, a fresh start and who can blame us for wishing for such a gloriously clean and fresh start to this new decade.

Image credits - www.vogue.com, www.blog.squa.re

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