Friday, 27 May 2011

Introducing Anna Luks

We caught up with London based designer, Anna Lukindo, who will be showcasing her fabulous new collection from her Anna Luks label at our July Summer Showcase, read on to find out more about this exciting up and coming label...

Tell us a bit about your label Anna Luks...
I would describe the Anna Luks label as feminine but with an edge.  I like to use  eco-friendly fabric,  yarn, cords and ropes. I also do my own prints and zips can be seen in most of my clothes.  After graduating in 2010 I launched my 1st collection Colour Explosion and I am now  about to launch my  second  collection called Jungle Paradise . My style is unique and I believe Anna Luks clothing and accessories are for people who want a creative difference.
What do you love most about your home country Tanzania?
This question takes me way back when my dad; may the Lord rest his soul in peace, used to sing “There is no place like home” Unfortunately I can only remember the chorus, but he always sang that when he was at the back yard doing gardening and isn’t it true? No matter where you are, successful or not, east or west, home will always is the best.
The stunning natural landscapes, the open, friendly and welcoming people, the food and of course the national parks full of wild animals and I am proud that we have a highest mountain in Africa. Tanzania, The land of Kilimanjaro is one of the most peaceful ( fingers-crossed)  countries in Africa and with more than 120 different tribes living harmoniously. The sun, sea, sandy beaches and of course the people makes the country very colourful.

What motivated you to move to London?
We all have our goals! I always wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a textile and clothing designer and London is the place to be.
What attracted you to a career in fashion?
Firstly as a little girl I was inspired by my mum as she was always very stylish - I loved to play  dress up and make clothing creations. Although I never thought I would have a career in fashion as I worked as draughtswoman. But once in London I decided to study textiles and did do the  Diploma in Fashion and Textiles - but on strong recommendation from friends destiny led me to studying  BA Fashion at Middlesex University. The rest is history as they say and I now love the idea that I have the freedom to  create my own designs  under the umbrella of the  Anna Luks label.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a fashion designer?
I don’t like to call myself a fashion designer I just like to have the freedom of not worrying about creating  'what's in fashion'or following trends  - I  love to create something from nothing , giving  it new  life and  the reward is obviously to see  my designs on  the runway,  a magazine and hopefully  one day in my own boutique.
Where do you get inspiration from?
It could it be from anything that I find interesting – such as a buildings, artwork, nature, places I visit,   classic movies, music, books and different cultures.    
How has your qualifications helped your career?
I am so glad I went to one of the best fashion designing Universities.  Middlesex University helped me to fulfil my dreams, it showed me a different world of applying techniques, and boosted my passion for research – doing research is good because it makes you come out of the box – and you become more creative!

Your designs are made from yarns, ropes, cords and zips why do you choose such materials?
As a naturally tactile person I love working with different textures  -  So yes  I love using materials that reflect this in my work and I believe they make the look of my designs and accessories more interesting  -  equally important they are eco-friendly and in fashion you can almost make anything fashionable. In regards to the use of zips in my clothes they totally bring edginess to my work in addition I also create my own prints.
How do you manage to incorporate your architectural background to your designs?
I appreciate having this background as just by looking at a building or anything within it ( e.g. exterior shape and form, an archway, ceilings, stair banister,  door handle)  it immediately gives me an idea of an Anna Luks clothing silhouette. I also like to take a lot of pictures and visit libraries to get more details about a particular building that has inspired me.
Would you describe your designs as ‘avant Garde’?
Some of them, yes!
What can we expect at the LGN Event Summer showcase?
My new collection Jungle Paradise various accessories – its going to be edgy, fun, and just simply magnifique!

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  1. Amazing Anna Luks....very insightful! Keep up the good work.....God Bless!