Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Introducing...... nicci.n

When did you set up your Label?
Beginning of 2011 after gaining relevant qualifications and experience in the fashion industry.
How would you describe your designs? 
I would describe my designs as unique and stylish. I like using different printing techniques as I feel this sets my designs apart from other labels.
Who are your designs targeted at? 
My designs are targeted at fashion concious women who have an eye for style and like to be a bit more original and unique.
How did it feel to be runner up for the business enterprise award 2010? 
It felt quite surreal as I never imagined I would get that far in the competition! This then gave me the confidence and 'push' I needed to start my own label. The prize money helped buy essential equiptment that I needed to start my own label.
How has your fashion background helped you in your career? 
I feel that my background in fashion has helped massively in my career as I feel I have gained essential skills and knowledge to hopefully survive in the industry. Networking within the fashion industry through various events has gained me many contacts and also helps gain recognition for my label.
Will the July Summer showcase be your first time showcasing in London?
Yes it will be my first showcase in London as all my showcases so far have been in Scotland.
If you could pick any celebrity to run your campaign, who would it be and why? 
I would like to see a celebrity running my campaign who I could see (and would like) wearing my label. This would be someone like Jessica Stroup, Rachel Bilson or Blake Lively. I think they have effortless style :)
What do you love about fashion? 
I love being a creator of fashion! I love all the stages you have to go through as a designer to come to the end result. Seeing your designs come to life and people appreciating your work is the ultimate reward :)
Describe your style? 
I am aware of trends and i am fashion concious. However i like to put my own styles together and put my own stamp on them.

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