Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Introducing Kami Shade...

The fabulous Kami Shade offers women sexy, yet sophisticated, clothes.The designer has signature party dress and swimwear pieces. Kami Shade creates clothes which flatter and compliment women, so it is no surprise that the brand has a strong celebrity following including Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Danity Kane, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba. 

Your move from San Francisco to Los Angeles seems like a defining moment in your career as a designer, would you agree?

Definitely. San Francisco was never established as a 'Fashion" City. It's mostly geared towards independent designers and hobbyist which was great for getting your business started but what happens after that? I knew I wanted more than just a hobby. Designing and running my own company has always been my passion and when I hit the highest points in my career in the Bay Area, I knew that I still wanted more. Los Angeles was the closest I could get to New York so I headed to Hollywood!

Which celebrity has been the most exciting to see wear your designs?

I would say out of all the Celebrities who have worn or purchased my pieces including Sharon Stone, Lauren Conrad and Rhianna, I would say a lesser known actress, Julie Andrews. She had a guest spot on Fox's Hit TV Show 'House" and wore one of my gowns in a NY Fashion Week Segment on the show. The show aired across the world it was my 1st time ever appearing on National Television. It was surreal to see something that I created for millions around the world to see.

What is your favorite piece that you are showcasing in Fashion Week and why?

My favorite piece would definitely be my Milano Sequin Dress Collection. The vibrant color, the sparkle and shine of the sequin and the way the fabric and the design on the model will be absolutely breathtaking. But also, look out my Textured Leather Dresses with my signature Galese Cuts. Not to be missed!

Your designs tend to use a lot of sequins, why is this?

Every woman wants to be the center of attention. Simple black is safe, but sequins will definitely turn heads at any event

Can you describe your customer base in three words?

Confident, Powerful, DIVA

What do you see in the future for Kami Shade?

What's Next for Kami Shade'? Expanding My Empire Internationally. The United Kingdom is my second biggest market from the United States. Making these signature pieces available for everyone to touch and feel the power of these garments. I'm deeply connected with my brand so the sky is the limit. My passion is to make my clients feel beautiful and confident whenever they step out in a Kami Shade' garment.
How does it feel to be showcasing during London Fashion Week?
It's Amazing. I have came up with so many talented Fashion Designers in my career in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We have all been through the highs and lows of the business. I'm sharing this moment for all aspiring Designers across the world. It can happen, It is possible. Keep Working Hard on your dream. This is not just for me, its for all of us upcoming Fashion Designers growing in the industry!

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