Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Introducing Rehmali...

Originally a personal stylist, Birmingham based Maria Rehmali is a designer who creates classic, feminine pieces which women can feel confident in. Rehmali’s creativity stems from her position as a stylist, as she was able to learn what women wanted from the clothes they wear. This inspiration has led to Rehmali’s collections being classic and accessible, with a glamorous and elegant twist. Femininity is a key concept in her collections.

So, firstly, what made you change paths from being a personal stylist to a fashion designer?

From a very young age, I have always been imaginative and creative. My career started as a stylist in well named fashion houses, surrounded by major fashion names. Being surrounded by such inspiration and craftsmanship, was a teaser for me, I wanted to be a part of this culture!!! I was known for my keen eye in pulling together and creating certain looks for my clients and general public. This led me on to designing and sketching my ideas, which acted as a meditation for me, my escape of real life and into the Rehmali world.
My education background is in finance, I have obtained a degree in Accounting. I didn’t do a fashion degree as I had a head start in the fashion industry. My imagination is a reflection on my work to creating and producing garments that my clients love and always want more!!!

Your designs are classic and feminine, how do you want women to feel wearing your designs?

My women is an everyday lady, there is not a certain class, shape or age that my garments are aimed at, just that you love to wear couture and the love of fashion. My women feel powerful, sophisticated, classy, confident and comfortable with the Rehmali label.

What is your favourite piece that you will be showcasing in the London Fashion Week show?

My designs are realistic to every women’s figure; each garment shines out a certain characteristic. I am passionate about all of my designs and cannot choose which my favourite is as they each have a purpose.

What influences your designs?

My influences come from my inspiration in everyday situations. Travelling across the globe has a great input in my designs, different cultures and ways of life, give me a great comfort in how my designs should balance through the different and varitey of women across the world. From colours to fabrics, global climate has a great in packed on how a women feels, 'she should feel confident every time she leaves and enters a room'. Looking at current established designers and the history of fashion also helps me to learn and push myself to create further iconic garments.

Where do you see the Rehmali brand going in the future?

Rehmali brand will continue to showcase across different continents for the world to see my passion and love for beautiful, craftsmanship in my garments. My ultimate goal is to open various fashion houses across the global and to collaborate with major fashion names to produce unique and 'never seen before' designs'. Rehmali is here to make a statement and stay!!

And, finally, how does it feel seeing your designs on the runway?

Watching my creativity and my passion on the runway is a truly a dream. To be given the opportunity to be recognised for my talent in design, is emotional but exciting for the response I get back from press and buyers. This is my satisfaction and the true motivation of Rehmali.

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