Friday, 27 January 2012

Introducing Us Trendy...

Us Trendy is a website offering emerging designers a platform to promote their brands. It showcases current season trends and pieces that could just not be found on the high street. Us Trendy ran a competition for the most popular seller on their site to win an all-expenses paid trip to London to showcase their work at A La Mode fashion show.

Firstly, where did the name ‘Us Trendy’ come from? 

There are three concepts that helped in the creation of the UsTrendy name. 

First, we wanted to create a site for the people…where they have the power to decide what they like without being told what to like and what's in or out. Second, one of our biggest motivations was designers and how we could assist them.  Finally, there were big companies that had the word "I" and " My" in their names (like I-tunes and Myspace). 

Our platform is for "Us”…hence “UsTrendy”

Your website offers emerging designers a platform to promote their brands, why do you think this exposure is so important? 

The fashion industry tends to be a cut throat industry where a few select people decide who makes it and who does not. I knew so many talented designers that were struggling to make it so I created a platform to help them achieve their dreams and get them the recognition they deserved. 

Can you tell us a bit more about how your website works? 

UsTrendy is a platform that allows designers from around the world to create a store on our site and sell their products directly to consumers. We also provide assistance such as major marketing, promotion, media/pr, and additional methods to help them advance their lines. 

For customers, we provide an interactive ecommerce shopping platform where they can find unique items from all over the world.

How did you go about selecting Kami Shade to participate in London Fashion Week? 

The people choose her.

Why do you think it is vital for your product range to originate from all over the world? 

There are many different fashions and styles throughout the world. Each culture and country has a distinct style that influences fashion.  A worldwide collection enables us to provide an incredible experience for each customer.  They can sit in their living room and shop for a unique item from a designer in another part of the world!

The Us Trendy website integrates the shopping experience with the blogging experience with the ‘Us Trendy Fashion Community’. Why do you think this innovative idea appeals to your customers? 

We empower the consumer, allow them to be in the driver seat, and provide a unique shopping experience. But most importantly at end of day - we have great products that people want!
And, finally, how does it feel to be supporting another designer with showcasing their collection during London Fashion Week this February? 

It feels amazing! When we started UsTrendy our motivation was to help designers and to open doors for them that they may not have otherwise had access to. It feels great to see it come to fruition. 

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