Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cucumba-The Urban Pit Stop

Innovation is something Cucumba wears like a dress! The unique concept behind this quirky treatment haven makes it one to watch out for. Almost like a restaurant for the vain and obsessive self-grooming folk, Cucumba provide a host of tailored time-capped treatments which sit perfectly with your body and budget.

Treatments include the ‘Topup’ – a stress busting remedy which takes less than ten minutes, but leaves you feeling like you’ve had the luxury of a ten hour lie-in! Another favourite with Paris Hilton is the ‘Cucumba Spray tan’ which promises you the ‘Costa del Blackpool’ look using the unique method of aromatherapy spray-tan. Providing a revolution in beauty and massage therapies and on a mission to turn this over-worked and stressed out nation into relaxed and pampered glamazons, Cucumba was born in 2003 and aims to provide an antidote for the common misconception that you need to take a whole day out of your life for some spa lovin’!


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