Thursday, 16 September 2010

IT Socks

Apart from ruined freshly-applied nail polish another pet fear for women is striding along Oxford Street, looking sleek-chic and rip! The dreaded shred in your tights appears! IT Socks is a one stop hosiery haven, stocking over 25 different brands and with enough choice to send your tights in a twist, IT Socks stock nifty little clever tricks which will make you proud of your pins! A celeb favourite and hot in the summer months are the ‘Tan tights’ which make legs appear toned, flawless and accentuate your natural tan. Another hot trend is ‘Tattoo tights’ – which give the effect of Chanel’s tattoo stockings; fabulously cheap and chic, all in one. Projecting the latest catwalk trends through their blog, IT Socks demonstrate how to imitate the hottest trends using their fantastic range of hosiery and with Olympic athlete and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jade Johnson a big fan; if it’s good enough to tickle celebrity toes, we’re definitely in line for our dose of hosiery heaven!


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