Thursday, 9 June 2011

Introducing Nutmeg....

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a 21 year old graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University (BA in Fashion Business). During my time at university I worked alongside numerous designers, gaining a wealth of hands-on experience in fitting, fabrics, design, sewing and also the promotional aspects of running a business. I worked with a couture bridal designer after graduating, before branching off to launch NutMeg Couture in October 2010. 

What made you choose to design evening wear?
My designs have always been about beauty and elegance, elements that I feel you can’t truly capture in any other area of fashion. I remember at my own prom, feeling very elegant, sexy and sophisticated – this is something I like to recreate for my clients. I don’t think any woman can deny wanting to feel like the ‘belle of the ball’ once in a while.

Are there any design methods you have to follow when designing evening wear?
All my designs go through an unscrupulous design process – first I do my preliminary designs, make mock-ups, try it on various figures, ensuring that the fit is spot on – sometimes it takes up to 4 or 5 mocks to get a dress perfect, I regard fit to be just as important as the actual design. I have tailor-made my dresses to fit around curves rather than skim over them. 

What are some of your favourite fabrics you like to work with?

I love working with silks, lace, chiffon, and satins. I only use quality materials when I making a gown. I would never put cost over quality.

Your collection includes colours like browns, pinks and blues - Where did you get the idea for this from?
The last collection was kept quite pastel, whereas the new collection utilises colours like lipstick red, electric blue, emerald green and metallic black so it will have a completely different look. I don’t really have a set colour pallet I like to work with, just select colour to suit seasons/style of dresses etc. 

Your designs tend to be backless and fit like a glove. Is there a way you want your customer to feel when wearing one of your dresses?
Figure-hugging is definitely a phrase I would use to describe my dresses.  I like my clients to feel sexy and confident in their gowns. Every woman is shaped differently so I use a different variety of style lines to accentuate their natural curves and hide anything that they may be conscious about. 

Do you design for any specific body type?
For my collections I definitely design for hour glass shapes.  I have always felt that the industry has put too much emphasis on being thin, but to me there is nothing more attractive than a lady with curves. However, with any custom-made dress, you can be working with many different shapes; it’s all about finding the right design for each person. Each client is special and individual, so their dress should be too!!

If you could pick any celebrity to front your campaign, who would it be?
Beyoncé - she is the ultimate woman for me. She is sexy confident and not scared to show off her amazing curves. 

When you're not designing you're... playing Basketball, bizarrely enough.  People would never associate the two but I’ve been playing since High School and have played at the top level in Scotland – I really enjoy competitive sports!

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