Friday, 3 June 2011

Introducing bint thani

This September will see Dubai based fashion label bint thani showcase their latest collection during London Fashion Week. We caught up with Khulood Thani Designer/ Founder of the label to find out more about the label, the fashion scene in Dubai and what we should expect from the S/S collection
Tell us a bit about “bint thani” and who it's aimed at?
“bint thani” is an independent fashion brand that combines fashion in between the trendy high-street and the high couture. It aims at people who would like to be trendy and fashionable all the time, without being too dressy!
How did you come up with the name for the label?
(bint thani) means in Arabic the daughter of thani’s family, while the word (thani) means the second. That has supported me to come up with a creative branding, visually expressed as a girl signed by number 2.
How has your educational back-ground helped your label?
Being the first UAE national to get my master degree in Fashion Management and Marketing from ESMOD Paris and attending some short courses in London College of Fashion has definitely added lot of value to my knowledge and experience.
When I always start designing my collection, I always think that my collection is carrying stylish tale of two cities that I admire for its fashion history, combining the couture-ish style of Paris and the fashionable trends of London!
What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
The most interesting is the most challenging, and in the fashion design is all about bringing an idea and a concept that can plan a coherent collection. The consistency of the collection helps to build a strong branding for the produced collection.
Describe the fashion scene in Dubai and how it differs from other countries?
Dubai like any global fashion city, very cosmopolitan, people already have the fashion culture and they are very educated about the latest fashion, styles and trends. As a market, it offers local and international designers though boutiques, online stores, and department stores.

What have you learnt about the fashion industry that you didn't learn at school?
I believe that education gives the knowledge, but the experience sharpens the skills!
Have you faced any difficulties with regards to running your label?
Challenges are just a door to great opportunities!
What can we expect to see from your S/S collection which you will be showcasing during London Fashion Week?
Girly and flirty!

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