Thursday, 2 June 2011

Introducing Cernei

We caught up with Bucharest based designer Cristina Cernei to find out about her fashion label, where she gets her inspiration from and what advice she has for upcoming Fashion designers. Cristina will be showcasing the latest collection from her label Cernei at the LGN events London summer showcase taking place in July.

Tell us a bit about your label Cernei?
Cernei stands for edgy versatility with a feminine twist. I’m always looking for innovative ways to dress the female body, emphasizing its natural beauty without losing its individuality and that is how I came across the concept of “intelligent fashion”. My designs have various ways of being worn and so you can play with them and maybe create something new. I always use natural luxurious fabrics that have a beautiful flow and although I like to play with origami shapes, paintings and various asymmetries my garments are always well fitted on various figures. I only work in limited series because I dislike the idea of meeting someone else dressed exactly alike and each of my designs have specific women’s names so as to enhance their uniqueness. 
Describe the type of women you design for.
I design for women with strong playful personalities who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd by being both feminine and original, the type of women who don’t require special events to dress up and who turn the city streets into genuine catwalk. Women who are always feminine, but with a creative twist.

What inspires you?
Literally everything. I get my inspiration from everything that surrounds me: it can be a cookie, a leaf, a work of art, an old building, as long as it has a story to tell I’m there to listen. I try not to get stuck in a rut or focus too much on just a certain segment of work because being always on the move and thinking outside the box really helps my creative process.

How has living in Bucharest helped the brand?
Bucharest is constantly changing, evolving and it’s always busy and loud, so it’s definitely not boring. The people who live here or visit the capital are therefore quite eclectic, you can’t really put them in a certain category, so this variety really helped me find my niche for the brand.

What is the most challenging thing about working in the fashion industry?
I would say that the most challenging thing about it is the constant need for change, for finding new inspiration; you need to be in the avant-garde and to be constantly innovative without losing sight of the practical side: after all, clothes are made to be worn, not just exhibited.

Do you have any set goals you would like the label to achieve this year?
Conquer the world. Seriously.

What sets you apart from all other fashion labels out there?
I stand out through this unique blend of hand painted designs made out of glamorous fabrics that can also be worn in various ways. My designs are not only creative, but also have strong anatomical structures so as to show the best traits of every shape and figure. Besides, the concept of intelligent fashion enables every client to get creative with their limited series or one of a kind Cernei garment.          
I juggle with various concepts and so at the end I get a collage of femininity, uniqueness and versatility.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?
It meant a lot to me to be able to open my own workshop and boutique as well. It’s great not having to depend on anyone and to have your own team to coordinate and work with. Having my own workshop gave me a lot of freedom to create and develop my own style without having to compromise and it’s been very rewarding so far.

Why is individuality so important to you?
It defines us, as human beings. I like to express it as much as I can and dressing in a unique matter that suits your personality and not following mass trends is something I consider very important. Nobody wants to go to a party and see someone else dressed the same or strikingly similar, for example, that’s why choosing something limited series or unique is a powerful statement.

What advice would you give other upcoming designers?
I would advise them to follow their instincts and not to compromise, to play a lot, to be daring and creative without forgetting that fashion is supposed to be fun.

 How do you feel about coming to showcase in London?
I’m really looking forward to it, as I think it will be a great experience and also an opportunity to explore new possibilities, meet people and be able to show my work to a different public.

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