Saturday, 7 August 2010


Words by Rachel Cowey :

Yes that’s right, curves are back in fashion!!!!

Lying on a sun bed on holiday, sweltering in the heat, the last thing I want to look at is woolly jumpers and fur coats. Yet this year, I was actually pleased with the magazines. And why? The statement that curves are back!

Although I am slim myself, I’ve become bored with the fashion and media Industry’s obsession with size zero, especially when only about one percent of us could actually gain such a small figure.

However, autumn/winter 2010 seems to have turned its back on the size zero epidemic. Designers instead are celebrating women!! Proper womanly bodies, with breasts and hips.

There was “All Woman” at Louis Vuitton with boned corsets and grown up circle skirts. “Hourglass” was celebrated at Dolce and Gabbana who showcased corsets and roses into womanly shapes. It is time to be your favourite Jane Austen character with a heaving cleavage and tiny waist.

The must-have pieces are corsets, nipped-in at the waist dresses and pencil skirts. Think Mad Men’s Betty Draper as your role model.

I am interested to see how the high street will incorporate these feminine trends. And whether curves will finally evolve from a gimmicky trend to something considered normal.

Hmmmm well we shall wait and see ;)

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