Thursday, 5 August 2010


As we are still enjoying the abundance of sun that’s hit us this summer, high street retailers are constantly reminding us all that autumn and winter are just around the corner. Weather wise, this is sad however fashion wise, things get interesting. Though as I browsed through Topshop’s ‘Dark Nouveau’ Autumn/Winter 2010 range, it became apparent that winters clothing appears to be summer’s best friend. With this, were a number of tiny hot pants, lace dresses and light chiffon pleated skirts.

The underwear as outerwear trend still remains with merely some thin two toned tights to cover the leg. Undeniably the stylistic image created is hot – unfortunately for us this statement is not literal. The absence of a snood and a chunky knit jumper for the winter weather, admittedly brings fear upon us women, though a true fashionista would freeze for fashion, no? Baring the cold does indeed attract attention, “She’s brave”, “She looks fierce” though the failed attempt simply reads, “She looks cold”.

It is a known fact that fashion and comfort do not often sit in the same boat, though is there a limit? Topshop’s translucent dress (above) clearly shows that there isn’t, though with its careful detailing and sheer finishing, who can complain? And so, we must embrace the cold (now and then). As easy as it is in winter to throw on a stylish jacket over a grubby outfit in the hope that no one will ever know, the waistline must be revealed from time to time. With this theory, the Cape fits nicely – a style no longer meant for the Superhero but the Superwoman. The chequered, leather shoulder form of outerwear from the Dark Nouveau collection caters for us less brave winter wearer’s. The sheepskin inner collar adds an aviator edge which makes up for the loss of the snood and with its a-line opening the outfit underneath is revealed– no more hiding ladies.

So resultantly we appreciate the collection - a superwoman silhouette, a nice mix of textures and hot pants which no longer allow our pins to undergo hibernation. Get as much sun as you can now ladies because freezing for fashion seems to be the new way…

Words by Samantha Bobb-Lucus

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