Friday, 27 August 2010

Wardrobe Intimacy: This week Rachel Cowey shares her key pieces with us :)

This week fashionista, Rachel Cowey, shares with us her key wardrobe pieces as part of our ‘Wardrobe Intimacy’ feature.

My Key Wardrobe Pieces :- By Rachel Cowey

1. The Black Blazer – This can be thrown over any outfit to make you look smart and up-to-date. For an alternative look, buy a blazer with a coloured lining: then you can roll up your sleeves to flash a bit of colour. A trend celebs are already working.

Blazer - Primark

2. The Trench Coat – It is a classic piece for a reason. It is feminine, smart and a little sexy. Ideal for British weather – let’s deal with the rain in style!

Trench Coat - USC

3.The Statement Bag – I use this bag constantly and always get praised for it. I like having a bag that stands out but can be used with practically every outfit I own. Plus it is big enough to fit everything in!

Bag – River Island

4. The Shoes – These are my favourite shoes! I even have them in a dark denim colour. They are just the right height to wear every day and I instantly feel glamorous.

Shoes - Faith

5.The Charm Bracelet – This bracelet is full of my personality. From the aeroplane charm to represent my love for travelling to the Eiffel Tower to show I like speaking French, I love wearing my charm bracelet as it represents me and people always ask me about it.

Bracelet – Thomas Sabo

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