Monday, 14 February 2011

Catching up with Omar Mansoor

What would you say your biggest achievement has been so far as a designer?
Dressing Royalty from the Middle-East

Your designs often have such intricate details, howlong does it take to create?
It takes from Six to 12 weeks to complete one ensemble.

Where do you get inspirations for your designs?
I am inspired by any aspect of art, culture or drama. my themes have been derived from Cosmopoliton culture, to George Seurat's Paintings to Sculpture to even Theatre.

Your dresses are available for hire on Where else can we get them from? and

Your last collection combined neutral colours like nudes with vibrant colours like blues and reds. What colours can we expect from the new collection
Colours and I are a match made in heaven! This time the experiment lies from Lilac to shades to Olive Green colours.

How do you prepare for such a busy period like London fashion week?
I work without looking at the clock. The shifts can be as long as fourteen hours.


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