Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Re-cycled Fashion for London Fashion Week

In today’s world where the terms ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ is on everyone’s lips, it has become almost second nature to recycle our rubbish and switch off lights as we leave rooms, in a desperate to save our planet from its inevitable dark future.

It comes as no surprise then that fashion too has taken on its role to promote a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. Z-MODE, a contemporary ladies wear label will be collaborating with online and instore Socks and Tights Speciality Store, Tabio. This exciting collaboration takes on a project where reject stock stockings will be used as part as a re-cycled fashion project.

The key driving force behind this project is Z-MODE designer Victoria Rangayah, who will be using re-cycled stockings for her next collection. Designing clothes from re-cycled material is by no means a new adventure for Victoria, who has previously worked with companies such as ?Guess Inc. South Africa and has created garments out of reject stock denim. In Addition to this, her re-cycled shoe-lace dress was selected and showcased in last years “Clothes Show-live Fashion Theatre”.

Interest in this recycled fashion phenomenon is quickly spreading across and throughout the fashion industry. Renowned companies, such as Attire Bridal magazine, who will be featuring a wedding gown made entirely out of re-cycled stockings in their next issue, are more keen to promote this new eco-friendly fashion venture.

In addition to this support and the Tabio sponsorship, Victoria is also asking the organisers of Fashion Week to encourage their guests to bring a pair of stockings to the show or ask the designers if they are using any stockings for their shows to recycle them, so that Victoria may then collect them and use them for her project.

Victoria says “Stockings are an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe, however it has a very short life span. That encouraged me to –re-cycle and put another creative stamp onto fashion re-cycling.’

Re-cycling to protect our planet for future generations doesn’t just stop with glass bottles and milk cartons. Almost anything and everything can be re-cycled and turned into something new and fabulous. So ladies, think twice before you go to throw out those tired, hole-infested tights and stockings, as they could be the key material for your next fabulous (and eco-friendly) party dress!

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