Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Catching up with Sally Ellis of emerging Label SVE

We quickly caught up with the designer behind the Amazing British emerging label SVE! Award Winning Designer and Founder Sally Ellis most recently opened her first boutique so we caught up with her to get more of an insight on her journey...

Who would you say the SVE Label is targeted at?
Sve was originally aimed at 20 - 40 year olds but since opening my first boutique it is open to all ages. I have had a 16 year old to a 80 year old buy from me so it has really shown me my clothes really don't have an age limit, it is a high end label as all the garments are one off bespoke pieces having its own unique individual style.

Your collection often includes black. Why is this?

Black is the main colour because its always been with me. When studying at university a monochrome colour palette just worked for me, it complements a women's form so well and it is such a timeless colour, if you buy Sve you will wear Sve all year round that's what I want, I don't want to be stuck in the back of the wardrobe after one wear, black is classic and elegant and that's what my customer wants.

SVE is now a Brand. How hard was this to create?

Creating a fashion brand is never easy, it's blood sweat and tears I still haven't reached my goal and I know its going to take a few more years from now to get to where I want. The bit of advice I will give to anyone wanting to be a fashion label is never stop trying, you have to push yourself to the limit you will never get any where without trying every door, enter competitions, network and try and work in the industry first. It's all about learning and believing in yourself. I did and still am doing all of this and I am 25years old with my own fashion label and beautiful boutique. The only way is up.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge so far is everyday, everyday is a massive challenge for me, I work 24hrs a day 7 days a week you have to if you want to be someone and be a success in the fashion world it is one of the hardest industries to be in and I have only just started and had a tiny taster of what my future could be like and I'm really excited, nervous, but most of all ready for the next chapter with Sve.

You recently opened your boutique in Tarpoley, As an emerging designer what steps did you take to make this happen?

I opened my boutique on the 1st december 2010 I knew where I wanted to open it it was just the timing but in my heart that time was right so I went for it. Fate has played a huge part in my life and fate again stepped in and helped me achieve my dream, it was open within 2 weeks. Sourcing all the materials myself and stocking the shop with all my clothes was the hardest thing I've done but the greatest vision I have ever seen.

Do you plan on opening any more boutiques. If so where?

My dream plan is to open more boutiques yes, but one step at a time I would love to have a store and studio in Paris one day which I am in the process of learning French for and london is probably an obvious one.

What can we expect from SVE in the future

Sve's future is very bright and I have high expectations for it, I hope to see Sve on the red carpet this year and Paris next year and who knows after that watch this space!!!

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