Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nail Perfection

Sophy Robson is a well-known nail artist with clients such as Chanel and Kate Moss.

Although she started her career in the music industry – from sales assistant in a record store to a hip-hop DJ – she has “always wanted to specialize in nails”.

After ten years of working in the nail art industry, she is thrilled to be opening her own concession in Harrods this year. Here she talks to Rachel Cowey about the joys of her job.


On her agent:

“I am fortunate enough to be with one of the best internationally known hair and make-up agencies, Sisters.”

Through her agent, Sophy has been approached to do major advertising campaigns for the likes of Chanel and Topshop.

On the business:

“The business is pretty small, so normally you are chosen because the photographer, art director, stylist or make up artist knows you.”

“I LOVE catwalk shows. The energy, the drama, the stress, the buzz and seeing all my friends I haven’t seen for a while. There is nothing like it. But if you don't take it seriously there's no point in doing it and that’s the bottom line really It is an opportunity for you to showcase your talent really, so you are only as good as your team.”

“It is a very demanding industry with the travel and long days and ever changing schedules.”

On her inspiration:

“I get asked about inspiration a lot. …I don't know I'll be lying in bed and just randomly think of something. Other times I really have to look at clothes and try and get inspired like just now Instyle have asked me to do one for the Lanvin A/W collection and I was stumped for a while but then it just came to me. I just try and imagine what would look good!”

On her work:

“My favourite design is the gun shape silhouette one.”

“Sometimes I will re-do the nail if I think it could be improved or better so it can take all day. I am a bit of a perfectionist and never happy.”

On whether she thinks women are taking a risk:

“I think generally the number of women taking an interest in doing their nails have risen dramatically recently. Experimentation is the next step as avant-garde trends always filter down to the mainstream.”

You can checkheck out Sophy’s work on her blog at www.sophyrobson.com

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