Tuesday, 23 August 2011

5mins with Cosmetics company J'ouvert

As London Fashion Week draws nearer we want to let you know about everything we have planned and working with new cosmetics brand J'ouvert is one of them. The brand which welcomes you to be the artist of your own face will be providing some great products for our goody bags. We caught up with them for a quick chat to find out more about the brand, where they get inspiration from and what their best selling product is....Keep reading to find out more.

Tell us a bit about J'ouvert cosmetics?
To respond to our client's requests, we (Meridith Hypolite, a fashion and colour analysis advisor, and Ana Blaauw-Torres, Creative Director of J’ouvert) developed a unique tool for helping women create a total make-up look in a few easy steps; we assembled various products into colour mood collections, called the palettes. Soon we realized that to attain the subtlety, choice and quality we envisioned, we would have to start our own line. Finally, J'ouvert was born. J'ouvert (pronounced Jouvay in the warm French of the Caribbean) means I open the break of dawn’. It’s a time to explore, create and express your own individual style, be it through clothes or make-up.We conducted several years of hands-on research and testing, and have dedicated ourselves to developing simple, clear, coordinated make-up 
both for women who have little knowledge of applying make-up and to the more experienced make-up users.

Where is it currently available?
J'ouvert is currently avilable only online at www.jouvertcosmetics.com. However, we are hoping to change this in the near future so that our clients will have more access to our products.

What new products are you currently working on?
We are working on a new palette theme which will have something for everyone.

 What should the audience of the 'A La Mode' expect from your products?
High-performance,  quality products with long lasting results.

Where does the inspiration of carnival time come from?
J'ouvert is about freedom of expression just like during the time of carnival. We wanted that freedom to continue through the line so that women can be creative at all times.

What do you feel about the development of the cosmetics industry?
There is still a lot of progress to be made but the industry is starting to understand that make-up is not just about colours and new products but about equipping women with the tools to become the artist of their own face.
What do J'ouvert Cosmetics offer their clients?
Choice and quality, clear, coordinated make-up for all kinds of women. Tools for helping women to create a total make-up look in few easy steps. Some other services we offer our clients are colour/style analysis and wedding advice.

What is your best selling product right now?
Our top sellers are our amazing "Mooi" Luminizer, Drama Lash mascara,
 Lapeau Kabwit Palette (Natural desert colours in a tan to gold range), Cream Blush (Deep Impact), and our Quickie Set ( Lipgloss, blush and 

What are the current cosmetic trends?
One of the current trends on the market right now is colour-blocking. It is a perfect way to become the artist of your own face and just have fun 
with colours.

What colour palettes would you like to see in trend?
More bold colours to encourage women to slowly think outside the box.

What three products must a client have?
Must haves for every lady's hand bag are lip gloss, mascara and blush. This is what we call the "quickie", as these three products can enhance the face in a matter of minutes.

What significant things did you learn about cosmetics whilst you were 
testing to creating the perfect products?
We learned and we truly believe that make-up should not appear to change the face beyond recognition but rather enhance its best features. That’s why all the background work has been done, so women can easily create their own look with little help from the experts. The perfect product for us is one that gives the opportunity to create a full range of expressions, from the most subtle effect to carnival wild.
For more information visit:  www.jouvertcosmetics.com.

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