Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Introducing Azim Khan.....

London Fashion Week is literally round the corner. We are now rounding up everything as well as meeting up with all the designers set to showcase. This week week we caught up with Azim Khan to find out more about his brand 'Ghori'

Why did you think it is important to merge both eastern and western designs?
Well it’s not important, every designer have their own identity to express himself and his brand. I am originally from east but living in west since long therefore I influenced by both sides and that’s influence you can see in my collection because that’s my brand identity.

Why did you choose England to study fashion? 
I always wanted to do my higher degree from England because of its higher education standard and also that’s my parents wish.
What are your influences?
Almost everything, designers get inspired from all different things like: buildings, streets movies, history, animals etc.

It is obvious that education is very important to you, what advice would you give to aspiring designers?
Believe in yourself, make a unique identity and work hard for your goals.
Who is the ideal woman you imagine in your designs?
Lady Gaga and Emma Watson

Describe your brand ‘Ghori’ in three words?
Innovative Sexy wear 

What do you envisage for your designs in the future?
There is huge market for my design because it very different then other.

You tend to work with dark, rich or bold colours a lot; does this contribute to the luxury of your designs?
Yes you are right. I do work with bold and rich colour lot, because of luxury of my design and my heritage influence.
You mention that you want to offer women an identity quite different to others, what identity would this be?
Yes, an identity which gives women confident to look beautiful by showing their feminine side.

How does it feel to be showcasing at London Fashion Week?
Wonderful, very much excited.

About Designer: 
Azim Khan is a fairly new but much endowed Karachi-born (Pakistan) London based designer, who has on his portfolio, ample amount of professional experience and all the proficiency that makes him a star to watch out for. An entirely new, unique fashion wears neither totally eastern nor totally western, but a quite different East-West combination.
His cuts are daring and sexy. There is something on his design that set him apart from each designer. All he needs is a set of fashion-forward and bold designs, smart mix of fabulous colours, meticulous techniques and luxurious materials, plus a wave of quality that you could not find in other designers, both locally and regionally.

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