Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fiore Tights Featured this Season at London Fashion Week

Since 1986 Fiore Hosiery Company have been providing women with their hosiery requirements, they have a fabulous range which includes hold ups, socks, and patterned tights.

Their new collection is ideal for those looking to add a touch of chic and glamour to complement your outfit! The intricate details on Fiore tights are ensured to grab your attention like these 20 Denier tights with a flower tattoo.
Feeling a little funky? Then the Fiore 4 denier coloured tights is perfect for you and comes in a vast range of colours including Yellow, Cobalt blue, Violet and even Green which can leave your stylish counterparts green with envy.
Fiore tights have such a wide range of hosiery to select from and even have a range for kids which will leave your kids looking as fashionable as you.
This season sees Fiore tights return to London Fashion Week once again as part of the ‘A La Mode’ LFW Catwalk collective on 16-17th September 2011.
To get your pair or view more of the range visit http://www.itsocks.co.uk/fiore-m-11.html?page=1&sort=20a

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  1. Fiore means the range of over 300 models in each catalouge! Great to see this brand at the show :)