Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Argos’ Ace Must Haves!

So we attended the Argos press event where they showcased their best products for Christmas 2011.
In a cool quirky loft style building, Argos presented us with the coolest gadgets, the cutest soft toys, the chicest cosmetic brands all under one roof! There was definitely something for everyone- As we rushed upstairs to have a girly chat about our nails and makeup, there was also a young boy who was jumping with excitement over flying a giant fish!
So let’s begin with the giant fish in the room, which was definitely attention grabbing and even got us jumping for a while until we remembered we were in a professional environment. The Air Swimmer (£39.99), clown fish was an inflatable balloon with attachments that allowed you to fly it with a remote control. Seems really simple, (we didn’t crash it when we had a go! We flew it perfectly smoothly…) the remote control, battery is all included with the product all you have to do is add the helium and it lasts you up to 120 hours!
There were of course many boys toys, a section almost seemed like a man cave! Great gadgets with new ideas such as the iBuggy phone controlled car (£79.99) is a racing car that you control with your iPhone! How awesome is that!
Turning corners it seemed that we entered a young girls dream. Not only were there T-shirts with Justin Bieber printed on them (deep breath Bieber fans) but the cutest gadgets that we don’t see often enough aimed at young girls. There was the Fifi Friends Interactive gadget (£59.99), which is guaranteed to be a girl’s new best friend as well the exclusive range of Designa-Friends doll (£19.99). These dolls were the cutest, for which you buy outfits for; each outfit comes with a charm to add to your bracelet! The packaging of the outfits was so cute; they come in little boxes wrapped up in tissue paper…better than anything we’ve ever received!
Moving onto something on the same level of cuteness was the cookie monster! (Yay! We all love cookies!) With the cookie monster were these novelty cookies that you put in its mouth and then it munches them! Now we think this is bound to impress both the kids and their parents as it definitely impressed us!
So stepping away from classical, nostalgic products we came across the latest gadgets. Mostly tablets, but now not only for adults but for kids too! The Lexibook First Tablet (199.99) endorses great fun and learning. There was more fun to be had, Nintendo displayed their game tablet called UDraw Wii (£52.99), where you colour stencils or just spontaneously draw or play traditional games like Pictionary, which will definitely guarantee family fun on Christmas. 
Finally we came across the cosmetics; there was a great display of Me Me Me products which were beautifully packaged. The collection seemed vast and really appropriate for what’s on trend. They had the cutest lip gloss called Light Me Up (£6.99), which literally lights up when you open it up! They had great individually packed products and collection which look so luxury. If you’re a fan of TOWIE’s Lydia, then you would like to know that she loves Me Me Me and even better…so do we!    

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