Friday, 26 August 2011

Introducing Obscure Couture...

By now most of you are all aware that aside from our 'A La Mode' Show, this fashion week we also have our 'Emerging Designers Catwalk Presentation' in association with Browns Courtrooms. This week we caught up with the ladies behind fashion label Obscure Couture who will be showcasing at the show on September 19th.

Tell us a bit about your brand?
We are Obscure Couture, we create street/stage wear for the introverted extrovert. All of our limited edition, individually numbered collections are handmade with love in the UK.  Here at Obscure Heights we use only the finest materials we can get our little mitts on, from the most pampered Kobe leathers to the most delicate French lace and back ground to amazing hand knits.  Make your other clothes jealous!

How did you come up with the name?
My partner Lyndsay started Obscure Couture while I was working in Sydney, she originally came up with a name that was a bit naughty then decided to change to Obscure Couture.  I love it! Not so much fun to say when you have had a glass of wine...
What clients do you aim to target?
Our pieces are aimed at the introverted extrovert.  That person who likes to be an individual, stand out, loud, from the crowd.  It's not for wallflowers.  We say, Get Obscure Couture on and feel fearless, desirable and in demand.  A lot of our pieces are very stage orientated and really showcase the person wearing them. 

Why the twist of punk in your traditional Victorian designs?
The Victoriana punk was our inspiration for AW11/12.  The two just go so well together, we wanted to harness punks stark harshness and create a brash clash of sex and beauty.  The Victorian silhouette is lots of fun to play with and the complete over indulgence from both influences really gave us a brilliant base from which to show off!!

Where do Obscure Couture’s inspirations come from?
We are inspired by EVERYTHING, it's hard for us to focus and keep in our 'seasonal' bubble as we tend to run off with ideas and have the next three seasons on the back burner.  We do tend to go for things that are generally stereotyped or labelled and try to bring them a fresh breath.  Inspiration from the most unimaginable beauty and the darkest depths, emotion evoking extremes!!

You say that you don’t follow trend books, what trends would you like to set?
We are big advocates for dressing how you feel, really expressing yourself or expressing your values and opinions through style and choice of garment.  It does happen, everyone does it but mainly just 'oh I feel drained today, I think I'll pull this massive black sheet on".  I guess the 'trend' we would like to set is for people to be more expressive and give the option of choice.  

What is your bestselling piece?
We have had such a great reception so far, it's been overwhelming.  Can I give you our top three??  Our big pieces have been the mandible skirt (high waisted ombre silk chiffon with gorgeous full length ruffles and tiered train), our Trapezium top (studded kobe leather and hand painted silk trapeze top) and Malleus skirt which is pink lamb nappa with oversized pockets lined with kobe leather and hand stud details.

What factors do you consider when creating your designs?
We initially think of our inspiration, the season, fabrics.  The most exciting part for us is the photo shoot, we like to tell stories through them so we think of our stories, how we imagine people wearing the pieces and the over all message we want to get out. 
This season is SS12 and we have made realistic adaptations to the normal Spring/Summer ideas, lets face it, we are not getting the weather to justify ALL these tiny summer outfits!!!  

Which celebrity do you think would make a great ambassador for Obscure Couture?
We love Fever Ray, YoLandi Vi$$a, Chloe Sevigny, Georgia May Jagger and Pixie Geldof.  For starters haha! All these girls have immense style and exude confidence.

What have been some of your career highlights to date?
We launched Obscure Couture in October 2010 so we are a relatively new business.  We were nominated for Young Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards 2011.  That was huge considering we had created just one collection; we were up against people who have been in the business for years.  It’s brilliant to get the recognition so early.  Then, of course showing our debut collection 'Flesh and Bone' at London fashion week in February 2011.

What should we expect from Obscure designs in the coming future?
Expect the unexpected!!!  We do not want to become complacent, resting or making do.  We love the challenge of surprising people and never want to become boring in our design ethos.  

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