Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cristina Cernei to return to London to showcase at Fashion Week

We are officially in August and that can only mean one thing. Fashion Week is round the corner. After the success of the LGN Events Summer Showcase in July, Cristina Cernei will be returning to London for another great event. We caught up with her to  find out her plans for September.

You recently showcased your creations in London at the Alto Summer Showcase, can you tell us a bit about that experience? 
It was a very rewarding experience, I thought the event went great and it was a wonderful opportunity to show my work to a public that wasn’t yet familiarized with it. I very much enjoyed my entire stay in London and the Alto Summer Showcase event really captured the great vibe of diversity this city has.
Why do you regard individuality so important?
I think it’s vital for us as individuals to stand out through our uniqueness and to emphasize every special trait one has. That is why I create clothes that show off one’s personality, since every detail counts when it comes to self expression. 
Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with researchers at the Art University in Austria?
 We’re currently working on clothes that can have different visible reactions to the environment and various input such as light, sound or biometric data. My personal favourite is a special type of thermo chromatic dye that allows you to create prints that are visible only in certain conditions of temperature.
You work with a lot of textures in your designs, and your designs often have draping and appliqué details would you say that’s your signature style?
Yes, it could be, I do like to go all the way and explore every possibility fabrics or specific garments give me. Perhaps this constant curiosity and courage to experiment and never resuming to minimalism could rather stand for my signature style.
You often have flowers or leaves in your designs, is the collaboration of fashion and nature something you are particularly fond of?
I find inspiration in many places, but nature is indeed one of the best sources since I can always count for some really terrific touches that are delicate and feminine, but at the same time very powerful, visually and in terms of concepts as well. So it’s mainly a collaboration between two types of beauty that can always go graciously entwined.

You work a lot with pale pastel colours or bright colours, would your designs ever evolve to dark colours?
I actually had an entire collection based on very dark colours and strong, statement fabrics but I like to explore a lot and, with every season, there are different moods I experiment with. So my colours are always on the move, just like I am.
What are your inspirations and influences?
I get my inspiration from all over the place, I try not to fall into a comfortable pattern regarding my work and as for my influences, I feel quite inspired by great  Art Nouveau artists, various elements of folklore from Romania and other countries, Asian culture, it’s all an eclectic blend of which I get what I need to boost my creative process.

Who do you envisage wearing your designs?
My designs are made for women who want to shine in a tasteful, original way, by showing off their best traits while indulging in luxurious fabrics designed in a rather unconventional way. My clothes tend to stand out in a crowd, so a strong, confident personality is required, perfectly matched with a fun, feminine side.
What should buyers and press expect from your presentation at the ‘A La Mode’ London Fashion Week catwalk show?

Well, they should expect quite a show indeed, something spectacular yet delicate, in great detail and individualized; yet part of a greater whole, luxurious fabrics and glamorous designs. Garments you’d wear at a party in the Gardens of Eden.

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