Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Quick interview with My Fair Lingerie designer Rae-Emily Smith...

My Fair Lingerie recently showcased at our Movida Summer Soiree Catwalk show showcasing their gorgeous bespoke intimate pieces. We caught up with the designer behind the brand, Rae-Emily Smith to learn more about her new label.

Why did you decide to specialise in lingerie?

I always knew i wanted to do something fashion related but lingerie has always been something I was drawn to. I have a bit of a lingerie addiction and have been banned on quite a few occasions from buying anymore by my friends and family. Whilst deciding on Universities to apply to I got a leaflet in the post by chance which mentioned the contour fashion course at De Montfort University - The only degree course in the world to specialise in lingerie, underwear, bodywear and swimwear. I completed a foundation year in art and design at DMU and was accepted onto the contour course.

What makes your pieces unique?

All of the garments are hand made to order by myself. My pieces tend to be a bit quirky and i try to offer customers something a bit different to what is already available. I think that there is definately a gap in the market for pretty, feminine nightwear and lingerie which i wanted to fill.
If you could pick any celebrity in the world to model your pieces who would it be?

Probably someone like Emma Watson as she is an intelligent, beautiful, woman and a good role model. Also Katy Perry as she has a quirky style and fun loving attitude.

What has been some of your career highlights?

My Fair Lady was only founded last year so it is still quite early days but showcasing my new collection at movida was a great experience and one that i learnt a lot from, It was also the first catwalk that i have done so will always be something that stands out to me. The last few months have been very busy and i have had a lot of interest in the brand. Over the next couple of months i have a lot of shoots and exciting projects to work on.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years time i would like to see My Fair Lady Lingerie stocked in boutiques. I would also like to introduce a diffusion line which i could have manufactured in a factory so that i could offer more affordable pieces to appeal to a wider market as well as selling the hand made collection.

When you're not designing you're. ..

Catching up with friends and family. I have a thing for old second hand books at the moment and like to read when i get the time. As i am still at University a lot of time is spent on my uni work during term time although i have a lot more free time to relax now that it is the summer break.

Find out more about My Fair Lingerie at http://myfairladylingerie.com/

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