Friday, 23 July 2010

A Quick interview with Parisian label 'Malam' ...

How would you define your style?

Feminine, timeless, effortlessly cute with a little edge :)

What inspired the name of your brand?

It's a made-up word formed with letters of my name - Incidentally, it means "night" in Indonesian, which I quite like :-)

Tell us a bit about your current collection and the inspirations behind it?

My current collection, called "Poupées Perdues" is mostly inspired by childhood, fairytales, and historical clothing. Sprinkle a little bit of romantic classicism on it, and voilà ! I do not actually work with seasonal collections, I have one permanent collection, within which I add new designs from time to time (which will be on the catwalk at the show ), and delete some of the older ones I have seen too much. Although it is permanent, it is in constant evolution, since I always use different materials to recreate each design.

Which fabrics do you enjoy working with?

I mainly work with natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk), because they are dyeable. And lace, lots of lace! Part of the fun in making the garment is playing with the fabric first, making it more interesting. Then I use a lot of vintage textiles, as well as upholstery materials. In terms of patterns, I am very partial to plaid and paisley :) When I buy material, I don't usually know what it will end as; if I can picture at least one of my designs in it, then it's good to go. As a result, I have heaps and heaps of textiles of various origins, colors, patterns, composition... and I love being able to choose every time before cutting - It's like having a small fabric shop for myself :).

If you could choose any celebrity to front your campaign who would it be?

I'd probably choose Lily Allen, I love her quirky, independent style and her self-confidence.

What has been your biggest challenge?

So far, it has been to try and reason myself, not to let my imagination run wild when creating new designs, that is, getting them to fit logically inside my line. Ideas just spring up all the time, it can be hard to concentrate :-)
What have been some of the highlights?

I've been lucky to take part in various shows in France, where I've been able to showcase my collection and meet my customers "in real life" which was quite exciting (since I sell my designs mostly through the Internet). I've had numerous mentions in blogs and websites, and have sold my designs in more than 30 countries, reaching as far as North America, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand.

What, for you, is exciting in fashion right now?

I don't look at trends, for I don't find interesting to fit in them, and don't want to be influenced. What I love is the fact there are so many "young" designers, who each offer their own outlook on fashion and clothing in general, and it always amazes me to see so much talent sprouting everywhere, obviously, not everything has "already been done" :)

Do you have an ultimate favourite designer, and why?

I absolutely love John Galliano, for his eccentricity, his perfectly "over-the-top" designs!

What would you like to see more of in fashion?

More colors, more eccentricity, more "unwearable" worn :-)
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